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Looking for some details on schools in Almaty for a 12 yr old girl, and what sort of acco and which part of the city could I possibly get for USD 1500 per month.

I belong to India, currently living in Dubai


English medium schools in almaty are from USD15000/academic year/child and upwards. this one was launched by a group of Indian businessmen as a non-profit organization. th eother schools like the QSI school are about 35000USD/academic year. You really need to give consideration to the kids' education. I have been living in Kazakhstan for the last 15 years but am now keen to move as proper educaiton is very very expensive, unless the ocmpany is paying for this.

Accom. You can get a decent apartment in almaty on this website: Prefer Medeuskiy, Bostandykski or Medeuski areas (any were along Al-Farabi avenue or Furmanova Street in the vicinity of about +/=3kms. It is generally safe in Almaty.[live.rooms]=3&das[map.geo_id]=76&das[_price.srch]=&das[_pri


Will I be able to get a decent apartment in that cost (USD 1,500 pe rmonth). I am told Al Farabi is a relatively affluent area, and it keeps on getting expensive as you go further down south towards the mountains (Alatau area)....


Hello Rahul,
Regarding acco. U can easily get an appartment in the suggested price in the previously mentioned areas. I just shifted to a 3 rooms flat which costs me now 800$ + gov bill for elec, water & heating. The flat is 10min walking from alfarabi. If you are in Almaty already, please feel free to contact me I can help you a bit.
Mark (markzarifeh[at]


Everything depends on your preferences and requirements. You can easily find an appartment in that area for USD 500 or fail with USD2000.

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