5 year visa for Viet Kieu


Does the 5 year visa for Viet Kieu grant you work permit aswell?
Is it possible to do this when you are already in VN?
I have tried to find information regarding this subject, maybe it's just me it doesn't seem to very logic or having clear directions on this matter.

Hope someone can help.


The Visa Exemption does not allow you to work. The work permit laws just changed and I am not sure if you still can obtain one once you are in the country.

I have the 5 years exemption and I didnt get the Work Permit. My company had to apply for it

So you're saying that you can still work with a 5 years visa until your company asked for a work permit?


You can not work in Vietnam while on 5 years exempt visa. It is still a visiting visa. You must apply for a work permit if you obtain a job. It is illegal to work without a work permit. Your company should take care all the paperworks when you get hired. You can process all the paperworks while you are in Vietnam. The duration of time to get a work permit required several months.


disvi3tboi :

So you're saying that you can still work with a 5 years visa until your company asked for a work permit?

disvi3tboi :

Just a quick question about the immigrations in vietnam. I'm Vietkieu I have a tourist visa now. I was wondering if there's a way to do "Thu tuc Hoi Huong" in Vietnam while i'm there. I was born in Vietnam but currently a US citizen, I have family there. I have an expired Vietnamese passport, birth certificate.  I'm planing to just stay there on my tourist visa while applying for Thu tuc hoi huong without coming back to the US. Is that even possible?


It's not a "5 year visa" but an exemption, meaning you don't need a visa for a duration of 5 years.  Think of yourself going across the border to Canada.  American Citizens do not need a visa to enter Canada.  As someone with Vietnamese origins, you can enter Vietnam without a visa provided you have a visa-exemption showing that you are of Vietnamese origin.

Its easy to get.  Easiest is to go hire a tourist agency to do it for you.  It'll cost you several hundred dollars.  Otherwise, you can do it yourself if you have relatives who are good on red-tape procedures. 

You can also go for a dual citizenship too.  Lots of information on the Internet already about this and how to do it.  Good luck.

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