Transport Troubles? Help Needed......

Hi - I am living in central Mumbai and working in Worli for a month and am finding it very difficult to get between home and work each day. The black and yellow taxis mostly dont know the way (or pretend not to), drive like maniacs and their seat belts never work! Half the time they simply dont want to take me or go off meter for a stupidly inflated rate. I have tried TabCab on several occasions, and even though I have had bookings accepted AND confirmed by SMS, the driver has called me to say he cant make it about 15 mins before pickup was due.
Does anyone know of a reliable service that I can use to make this journey each day - to work in the morning (around 10am) and back in the evening (around 7pm)?



Try Meru cabs

Yes you should try Meru Cab and tell them to report 30 minutes before your pick up time.  They have large fleet and more reliable.

Thanks everyone I tried Meru last night (8pm), to book a car for this morning (11.45am). I created an account on the web site, filled in the form, added my home and work addresses and sent the booking. 10 mins later they came back to me saying they dont have any cars available. So a similar experience to TabCab then.

Any other ideas?

They have a 24/7 toll free call-in number. Try that instead of the website. It's much faster. go with Ola cabs. It is good compare to others. Call a cab in Mumbai is also very easy. Download Ola cas app and book cab that nearest you. They also have corporate plans for daily customer.

Hi,I have heard about meru services as reliable.

Meru cab is one of the older - cab providers in India but if you looking for cheaper than Meru in rates and easier to hire then Ola cabs is better option.