Need flat for 2,5 women from Dec.1 ; near tram 38; <1400eur p.m.(warm)

at least 40sqm near 38er tram or Sieveringer Str.(Döbling) would be good. Max. ca. 1400 EUR p. month is all costs included.
I appreciate your suggestions, or help.
The backstory:
A good friend of mine - we have been neighbours in Budapest our whole life (ca. 40 years); though we both mostly lived abroad - received a grant for conducting a scientific research project  at the Wiesenthal Zentrum. She is moving there with her 2 yo. girl and a friend (female). They both are scholars (working on multidisciplinary topics between history, literature, etc.), and speak English, Hungarian, and Hebrew - but no German. As they have no local knowledge or much time, I promised to help them a little, as I lived in Vienna for over a decade as a kid.

As they have found some kindergarden place in Sieveringer str., Döbling they need to live relatively near.
They are being offered a tiny 30 sqm flat for over 1400eur p.m.  warm, but this is both tiny and, imho, too expensive, even though money is not the main problem, thanks to the Wiesenthal Zentrum.

They are staying for 9 months, but would be happy to sign a full year contract as long as the total costs are below that of the above-mentioned offer, i.e. around <13000 EUR for the whole period.

Thanks for your comments, or suggestions!
(You can write me in German in case this is an Issue)

Hi Fireroller,

I suggest you post an advert in the Properties for rent in Vienna section and you will get an idea of the prices. It might help :)

Thank you


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