is there international school in Pristina

hi all, is there any international school in Pristina? My kids are 7 & 4 and we will be moving there on the first quarter next year. They can only understand and speak english. Any info will be greatly appreciated.

Hey Ishar,

In Prishtina there are about 4 international schools or maybe more. Among the best are American School of Kosovo, Mehmet Akif, Inernational School of Prishtina, Prishtina High School etc..
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Hi Kadri, thank you for your time, I will check it once I arrive

Hi, There is also ILG (International Learning Group), which my children are attending. Good luck

Hi there,

In reply to your question on whether there are international schols in Kosovo or not,we wanted to state that yes,there are international schools in Kosovo but mainly in its capital,in Prishtina .That is The American School of Kosova and some  others  where English is spoken,.Do not worry about that at all.

Wish you and your family a happy stay in Kosovo.

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Thank you all for your replies. Yes, I find American School of Kosovo really nice for kids until highschool. And it will be nearer from our place in Dragodan. Most of the population are expats kids.

Can you tel me a bout this school. fees and location????? :)

The school fees go from 1500 euros  and up to 5000 euros depending on the school and the child age.
The American School of Kosova is in the center of Prishtina, while International School is in Lipjan (about 20 min from Prishtine). There's also Prishtina High School which is located inside of Prishtine too.

Good luck

Thank you dear for this information.

Hi, I would like to recommend Finnish School of Kosovo, opened last year but despite this fact it is considered the best and most innovative international school in Pristina. It has the biggest international staff and all the facilities are moderate and up-to-date with the technology world. I am sending my kid there and we are extremely happy we made this decision because they offer a high quality education with the best practices.

Dear Lisa,

Thank you very much for your kind and useful reply.
Please can you tell how much the school fees and where is the address of the school ?

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I do not want to give you false information because I think the fees vary on different levels of education, the number of foreign languages courses they take and other offered activities. You can check their website: and contact the school directly. The address is at the Round about of QMI, Pristine.

You are welcome!