Seeking Employment in Bermuda

I am a graduate with insurance background, can anyone advise me how to find employment in Bermuda or how to contact recruiters/employers


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Please feel free to post an advert in the Insurance jobs in Bermuda, this can help. :)

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Thank you very much for responding to me, I am an reinsurance professional i currently reside in India, am travelling to UAE next week.

I will make use of below said blog.

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Bermuda certainly has a huge reinsurance presence, as you probably know.  Getting work is complicated as you cannot come over to actually look for work, only when you have a work permit for the specific job with an employer.  In order to protect the local population all jobs must be given to a Bermudian if there is one capable of doing the job.  There are increasing numbers of suitably qualified Bermudians especially as most of the companies also take on locals and train them up.  So you will see jobs advertised in local papers (Gazette, Sun, Bernews) - it is a requirement to advertise locally on three separate occasions for any job.  If the company can justify using an expat then they may be allowed a work permit - these are issued for up to 6 years, less commonly for ten.  The employee must be of good standing, have a police check from their own country, have a medical and chest X-ray in their own country, have good references, usually needs Masters level degree and some prefer higher qualifications.  The application for the work permit takes anything up to and beyond three months, recently some have been processed in six weeks. You cannot come to the island while the application is being considered. 

Lots to sort out, but I wish you good luck. 


Thank you so much KT that was useful information :). Do u happen to know any of the employer?

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Hi all, does anyone have information on getting a Teaching job with the government, private and Montessori schools. How easy is that? Thank you.

I have been relentlessly trying  to get an employment in insurance/reinsurance industry without much success, I would be grateful if anyone could help/guide me to get an employment in Bermuda

You may find it helpful to subscribe to the local newspaper - Royal Gazette - wherein you will find advertisements for available jobs.  However many jobs are advertised in order to see if there is a Bermudian available to do a job for which the company already has an overseas possible person. It may help to get a UK or US job in the field first with a company who you know has an office in Bermuda and later get a transfer. Maybe you could find a list of Bermuda offices from the Bermuda yellow pages or the website Best of luck.

I am not in the industry so have limited knowledge about the issue.

Hi there ok what are your qualifications and I will help you I live here on the island of Bermuda!

there is a new website that may make your job search easier.

"so simple it's elementary!" lol.

There seems to be a broad range of jobs posted there.

Step one is apply apply apply.  Once you get an interview and job offer, it can take 3-6 months to get your paperwork allowing you to come to the island.  Be patient.  Do not resign your current position until you have your work permit approval from immigration.  Nothing happens quickly in Bermuda :)

Hello all, what is the job situation in the IT field?

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