Expat from Greece to Austria

Hello maybe you can help me...

I am possibly to live in Austria

They offered me a gross salary..but I need the deductions to evaluate...

Specifically, and since I have been offered a gross salary, would like your kind assistance for estimating of following costs.

1. Taxation, for income grades

e.g. between 50.000-100.000 CAD
>1000.000 up to 150000
>150.000 etc.

2. Other deductibles for public medical insurance, pension plan, etc.

After estimation of above what would be the approximate net salary.

3. Average cost of home rental for a good or more executive district/suburb Vienna or nearby town, including the costs for monthly ukpeep. Size of home : 50-80 m2

Note: Please advise price difference for furnished or void(no furniture) appartment

4. Average cost for electrical power, water supply, steady telephone service, internet provider per month for similar size appartment

5. Cost of (automobile) fuel (oil or diesel is used mostly?) /liter

6. Cost of purchase an average size reliable car, 1400-2000 cc

7. Average cost for living, including following :

- Food and drink, (meat, fish, dairy, eggs, vegetables, fruits, cereals, drinks, etc.)
- Insurance per annum for car, home, etc.
- Car annual dues
- Monthly parking costs
- Recreation (price per person of cinema, theater, concert, average restaurant)
- Lady-help daily fees for household duties

Thanks in advance for your kind assistance.

Kind regards

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