Making Landfall in Puerto Rico

Hello!  My family of four will be relocating to Puerto Rico from NC and are very excited about the experience.  We have two younger children and would like to hear about some of the schools on the islands.  We are looking to live in either the Guaynabo or Dorado area.  Can anyone suggest a school or give some advice when looking at the english speaking schools?  Thanks.

Perpetuo Socorro is in Mira Mar and teaches in  English after 3rd grade. It wouldn't work if you lived in Dorado but would be doable (although too far for my tastes)from Guaynabo.

Thanks Nomad, we will be checking out a few of the schools around the Bayamon and Dorado area as my job will allow me a little bit of freedom to choose the best area.  Have you heard anything about Baldwin or Dorado Academy?  Thanks.

You're very welcome. I've heard Baldwin is top-notch. I don't know anything about about Dorado Academy.

Dorado Academy is a decent school. There is also Tasis in Dorado...I believe it is more expensive. Education is different here in PR than in the states.  Good luck.

Tasis is an excellent swiss based school with a second location in Dorado for the last 10 years.  Goes from kindergarten thru high school.  Tuition is (on average) $10K a year.

Great Info Ventana.  Hey I am looking to network with other Expats in Dorado.  Want to have coffee or una cerveza sometime?

My kids are at Baldwin. I can't recommend it enough!

Home schooling is a good option too. Public school, don't bother.

Baldwin is great if your employer pays for it or if you have the cash. What is it, $18k per year?

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