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Hi good people

Help me out here. My boyfriend is Belgium and I would like to visit him sometime during the year then maybe thereafter he relocates to Kenya to stay. My question is in order for me to visit him abroad maybe in July and for him to relocate to Kenya probably next year in January which is the easiest way to go about this issue? Is it by getting married? And if so must it be through the AG's office? What if I want a church wedding?Are there other ways of going about this? Pleas advice I will highly be appreciative.

Hi Majik,

Most nations recognize two main ways of getting permanency through marriage.

The first being that you marry in your own country if your nation permits foreigners to marry during their stay, your boyfriend comes to your country on a tourist visa (with all the necessary documents ready) and you get married as soon as possible following his arrival and apply for the permanent visa. In some countries, as is here in Brazil, this allows the applicant to remain legally in the country until the visa application is processed.

The second is for you to travel to his country on a tourist visa (again with all necessary documents ready) and marry there. Generally this foreign marriage would then have to be registered at your country's Consulate in his home country. You would then probably have the option of applying for the permanent visa there or he could then come to your country as a tourist and apply for the permanent visa upon arrival.

You need to check with the immigrations authorities in your country to find out exactly how they do things.

William James Woodward - Brazil Animator, Expat-blog Team

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