Anyone have an imformation about Security Officer jobs?

I was born in Guinea  specificlly in the sous prefecture of Bissikrima and I have immigrated in the United States since May 05, 1989. Actually I live in the city of Bayonne in the State of New Jersey, I have work in the security industry for 20 years, from the hospitals, hight shcools, institutions, banks,hotels,  to airports. Also I am student at Hudson. County. Community. College, major criminal justice and I wanted to move in Conakry to live. Anyone have an imformation about Security Officer jobs or need a protection in Guinea Conakry?.I am fluent in English, French,Mandingo and sousou .

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Hi grot,
From what i know, the security industry is not really booming in Guinea. The pay is not also good. But as you are aware, foreign companies have slowly started coming to Guinea. For now most of those companies are mining companies. I know of one (Rio Tinto) which pays very well its staff including the security guards.