Is Computer Repair and Teaching Needed?

I have a brother in law who is from Guinea and has planted the thought of me moving over there to help out with computer repair and teaching people in various computer tech fields. I have 13 years of Computer experience and feel that I could easily start something up.

My question is this, is there a "need" for someone to teach various computer fields and also have a computer repair shop? My brother in law's family already has many acres there with several houses as they used to run a plantation or farm. I'm simply worried that I will get there and find out that there is little need for computers.

Please don't take offense to my statements, I simply don't know what is there for business. Do businesses have and use computers? Do most of them have in-house technicians? Does Guinea, more specifically the city of Conakry, have a need for someone like me?

Any help would be great.
Thank you.

Hi biggie747 and welcome to!

Hope you'll get some useful info soon!


Dear sir, I'm also a working in the IT field in Ghana, I'm from Guinea conakry but i have been working in Ghana for 5 years now...
Yes having a computer repair shop is a good idea, we do have skillful technicians you can hire if needed, and yes my people there need good IT lecturers. our main problem is the electricity issue but i believe the current government is working at that.
It's better if you have the shop in an area that do not experience electricity issues like "Kalum" or "Kaloum" in french.
Which courses do you intend to offer?

Thank you for responding LaminKevin.

Well, I feel that I have a lot to draw from yet don't really know the state of the knowledge in the area. I was planning on "testing the waters" a bit. I was going to start out with simple "How-to" classes for beginners that haven't really used a computer before. I would also start a repair class and possibly a simple networking class. Basically I would start with three classes. One meant for those who don't really know much about computers, and a couple for those who have used them but want to expand more so that they could obtain a job using them. If it became relevant and a fair number of people started to take them, I would expand to different areas and even develop focused classes which would be geared more to everyday use.

The problem with the classes here in the states, as I feel, is that they don't prepare you for the everyday job. They go over history (which is important) and a bunch of the theory and "groundwork" for each of the fields. However, I would look more at developing classes which would be more hands on.

For the future:
If this goes well I would even look into creating my own "certification" in which the businesses in the area can obtain evidence of a persons abilities. I would also like to work with many of the local businesses and the government to help to place people in jobs.

All in all, I want to help to start a solid foundation in the industry so that things can progress from there. My understanding is that there are IT people in the area like yourself, however they are far and few between or they are brought in from other countries. Is this correct?

Hi Biggie,
I really think that your plan sounds great, and i'm sure your project will do just fine. I do agree with you on all the points you have talked about. I strongly believe that the fact that you're  very experienced and also that you come from the US will really be a plus and attract students, both beginners and those who have some experience...
Technical courses are really needed there. Most people, like me who are wanting to get good technical skills and certifications have to go far countries.
Again, just the fact that your are experienced and from the US will really get you the trust of people :-)
I am planning to go there before ending of this year and look for a job ( it's a really sweet place and i miss it big time).
If by then your project is up, i will be glad to serve in any way.
best Regards,

Of course, We need you.
For example, me. I'm a programmer. But, people ask me sometimes if
I can repair electronic things(laptop, pc...). It seems that all the things you argue  about might be true. It hasn't to be an obstacle. I want to work with you as we both know tech fields. I'm negotiating a place for my project. It's in process. We can share the place so that you do work. There's  a lot of money in guinea.
If you want to have it.

I want to learn some electronics.
Please, give me a lift.