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Hello. I am new to this forum and I am happy to be here. I was hoping to find some info about working in Bahamas. I am from Serbia and an English language teacher. What are my chances of finding a teaching job in Bahamas? Thank you in advance. :)

Hello Milos Sijacki.

Welcome to! :)

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Maybe you can tell us more about your qualifications.
Hope you'll get some responses soon.

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Hello :)

Thank you for your response.

As a person, I am serious, down to earth, open and easy to talk to. I never judge others nor do I criticize others without any real reason. I am always willing to help others, to hear them out and to offer them any help I can. I graduated from the Faculty of Philosophy, which is part of the University of Novi Sad and obtained a diploma in English Language teaching. When it comes to my work experience, I had a chance to work with different age groups and levels of English. However, most of those jobs were only temporary. :( It is pretty hard to find permanent employment when it comes to education, here in my country at least.

I have also worked as a call center agent for a pharmaceutical company (it is actually a toxicology database company which produces software that actual pharmaceutical companies could use in their research), which enabled me to gain experience when working with other people, as a part of a team. This position also helped me learn about marketing, talking with people from different countries and cultures, managing time schedules, organizing my work and sometimes helping others organize themselves.

My computer skills are also very good and I am good with Microsoft Office Tools, internet browsers (Google Chrome and Firefox), Skype, e-mail and using internet for research and finding new materials that could prove useful in my work. I take teaching seriously but I am not too stern. I always aim to connect with my students and to make classes interesting and fun for everyone. Learning, especially when learning a language, students need to be relaxed and interested in the topic, with a strong reference to communication and interaction in English (group work, conversation, topic discussion etc).

In conclusion, I am willing, open and flexible and I never shy away from a challenge and I am really interested in working in your country. I am currently working on acquiring TOEFL certificate and other qualifications but I would very much appreciate any kind of information concerning the necessary requirements. Feel free to ask me any questions.

Thank You

Hello Milos Sijacki. :)

Thank you for these details.

In meantime, do not hesitate to post an advert in the Jobs in Bahamas. It can be useful.

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All you have to do is apply

Hi Everyone,
I'm Hossain Mohammad Sayem.
Basically I'm from Bangladesh.
Now I'm in Malaysia as expatriate.

I'm interested to move in Bahamas and live there permanently.
Kindly help me out about move to Bahamas and how to get a job and live there permanently.

I worked as Merchant Navy Officer from 2005 to 2010.

Then I joined in a well known media based group of companies as Creative director & Marketing director.

Then I switched to Malaysia due to unstable political situation of my country Bangladesh.

Now I'm working as Business Development Manager for an international group of companies.

I'm completed BBA & MBA in Marketing.

I'm good at computer and my communication skills is high..

I'm good in Marketing, Advertising, Finance and any Creative sector.

My working experience is almost 10 years.

Kindly help me out and let me know what to do.
Waiting for your kind and soonest response.

- -
With best regards,
Hossain Mohammad Sayem

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Hi Hossain Mohammad,

Welcome on board :)

Just as to inform you that this post here is a bit old and it would be better if you drop your resume in the desginated section here ----> Jobs in the Bahamas please :)

Best of luck to you !

Thank you


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