Copy/paste on forum

Why does this blog have a lot of copy and paste posts about each country?  I think it would be nice if the admins on this website actually took the time to learn about each country.

I can't believe these questions are sincere about North Korea.


The topic posting above was placed by Expat-blog in order to encourage members of the forum to respond giving information that will appear here to help other forum member.

If you see a posting with 'blue' suitcases under the member's name that indicates they are from Expat-blog Team or Animator Team members, in both cases their title appears under the suitcases. Regular members may or may not have suitcases (depending on the number of their postings) and theirs are 'yellow'.

William James Woodward - Brazil Animator, Expat-blog Team

In North Korea, forums copy & paste you.


I had to comment on this. With your username you might want to post on another countries forum. If the DPRK found out your username you may denied entry.


Matt V. - Manaus, Amazonas, Brasil
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