The most expensive interurbains services !

Hey guys !

I want to know what is the most expensive interurbains services in Coree !

(Cellphone, internet, television, electricity )


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Since you posted on the francophone version of the forum, i moved your thread to the North Korea anglophone forum so that you may get some feedbacks.

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Hello Marievee02,

I was in Pyongyang DPRK [ Coree ] last year
1. Cost of SIM card with domestic number minimumUSD100
2. Internet, no idea, tightly controlled,  FYI our hotel charge USD26 to FAx 1A4 document  from PY to Beijing PRC
3. TV , its free , if you like watching the Local news. Cable TV if you are staying in 5 stars hotels.
4. Electricity, no idea the cost per kwh.