Hello everyone!

I'm keen on people to work with in the Kiev region who would like to partner with me to open and run perhaps one of the best English schools in the region...

Using our own unique methodology and marketing, we aim to be one of the most popular in the shortest time possible...

Quality and word of mouth will be the main motto here :)

People who live in Kiev only please, and serious people only...
Please get back to me ASAP at my email hamudi2202[at] ASAP or give your feedback here whatever you want...

Ideally people who are already teaching, or have had some exposure to the teaching world, people with some motivation and willingness to go that extra mile to make things work!

Get back to me please ASAP so we can get this baby off the ground, I think for the right group of people this will be one of the most exciting opportunities ever embarked upon :)

mail me please ASAP on hamudi2202[at]


My name is Zied BLANCO, used to be a French language teacher in Tunisia, and I have other degrees in Romanian, Italian, Arabic and Russian; I speak English fluently but I don't have a secialized degree to teach it. I am also a refugee in Ukraine regarding my Catholic roots, and sadly in the "post-revolutionary Tunisia" Islamism and terrorism Prevailed, so I cannot go back to my country. I came to Kiev two weeks ago from Odessa (where I reside) searching for opportunities involving my excellent aptitudes in foreign languages.

My phone number is +380660486028 if I can be of any use for you.

My regards

Greetings from London...

so you have skype? i would be keen to talk to you ASAP!

Yes I do have skype: SHWEPPSY1

It would be my pleasure. I will be available starting Saturday February 2nd after 5:00 PM.

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