Missing Teen

Thank you for reading my message on your wonderful world wide communication vehicle.
I am reaching out to the world any way I can to find my son. Please take a minute and pass this on. I believe in 6 degrees of seperation.

About me, Patricia Rose,       
I'm a Hollywood Casting Director endlessly searching for my beloved missing 18 yr old son, Marcus Antonio Farina. The loss of him for all of these years has torn a hole in my soul and broke my heart. I am asking for you to pass on my story and to keep your eye out. He may not even know I am alive.

Dec. 6th 1991, against my better judgment, I agreed to allow Sergio to carry our son, Marcus on an unsupervised scheduled UCLA pediatrician visit, from which he and my son never returned. Within 72 hrs. Sergio Farina, a native Montevideo, Uruguay, fled U.S. with Marcus & his Rothweiller, Bandit to Rio de Janeiro and disappeared.

SERGIO FARINA: DOB 12/14/57, 5'10”, Curly light brown hair, hazel eyes. FLUENT: Eng, Span, Port, . Brother Alvaro Farina lives Montevideo, an Architect. Fluent:Spanish, French, Italian,Port.
US ACTOR, Landscaper, Musical, grows 420
Marcus DOB 6/14/91 Fair complexion, Hazel eyes, Sandy Hair,

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God Bless and Thank you.

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