To Bring or Not to Bring --- Palestine

Anyone moved to Palestine recently?

Anything that you brought that you dont use and thought you would, or is less expensive to purchase in Israel/Palestine than shipping from the states?

Anything that you chose not to bring that you you wish you would?

I plan on bringing my computer but that means for compatibility I need my printer and other accessories. Clothes for all seasons, and movies in English.

I plan on purchasing a car, washer, and dryer (that our house doesn't have)

This would be really helpful!

Electronic items are much more expensive in Palestine but you have to pay a very high tax rate if you ship things inside Israel/Palestine.
I recommend to shampoo, etc from back home (selection in Palestine is not that great) as well as your fav. instant drink.
In the end you can buy everything you need for living in Palestine, so just personal preferance. In Westbank, esp. in Ramallah & Bethlehem, you find very well eqipted shops, just you can choose between 3-6 yogurt not 10-20 different kinds.

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