New member looking for contacts in Palestine

Hello, I am a new arrival to Palestine.  I have been here for a year.  I am still getting familiar with my surroundings.  Many things to learn.  I am really interested in learning Arabic.  Any suggestions?

hello usaumma
hope things are pretty good with you and your family.I have couple of questions. I dont know if this is the right place or not. but I was gonna ask you,how did you get to stay in Palestine for a whole year??did you have to apply for some kind of visa??or what??I was gonna get married to a Palestine guy who lives in East Jerusalem and things didnt work out because I cant stay there for more than 3months. any suggestions??I would be very happy to hear back from you
thanks and stay safe

actually no one will ever ask you for an ID or a visa unless you want to go to Israel but in the Palestinian territories you can live forever with no problem.

"But in the Palestinian territories you can live forever with no problem." What? No you can't, unless you don't intend to travel at all ever again! There are checkpoints to pass between cities where you can be caught without a visa and if you leave the country after letting the visa expire you may be banned from returning again. You also can't open a bank account with a foreign passport with no visa, and that limits you in other ways.

hey thanks heart4sale>> I was actually told that I have to leave the country after the 3 months are over; and in order for me to stay longer I had to get a spouse visa through him!!

alajnabiya>> I know,and I was not trying to be in the country illegally, we had planned for everything leaglly but things didnt work out because he found out that I can't stay in East Jerusalem after the 3 months I had to leave the country and then go back, I would've done that everytime the 3months were over.......I dont know why they came up with that stupid rule

but thanks all