Any Pakistanis or Indians in Kosovo?

Hi is there any Pakistanis or Indians living in Kosovo if so please contact me I have a good news for them. Immediately.

Hi yasirpira,

Could you please give more details?

Thank you.

ok Is any Pakistani or Indians people living in Kosovo, as study, working, or tourist? if so please contact me. I have to come to Kosovo and i dont know any one there.

thank you

So, It is a good news that u are coming to Kosovo? Great Job

no brother its a short time secret. i will tell you after i arrive there.

how are you? are you in Kosovo now?

yes sir

waiting to hear from u


i am interested to travel kosovo. can you guied me about Requierments on Pakistani pasport?

Hi yasirpira

This is srikanth from india. I am planning to come to kosovo. How will be the life in kosovo? How about the jobs? Can I get minimum survival? How much does accomidation costs?


we r Pakistani and our family living in Malaysia as a refugee status so let me know how we will get visa to go or move Kosovo.


Salam Yasir hope u fine and fit.
My name is Awais now a days in Turkey,
I need some information about Kosovo.
I wait for ur reply .ALLAH'HAFIZ

Dear all, there is a new visa regime that is being applied in Kosovo. Now you will need a visa in order to visit Kosovo. About the cost of living Kosovo is not particularly expensive, nevertheless do not expect to easily find any job.
If you wish any help on obtaining a visa or residence and work permit in Kosovo you can contact me to [email protected]

Visa in Kosovo is harder nowadays, plus you need to get Turkey visa first to get Kosovo visa. If you don't have clear purpose in entering the country you will be offloaded in Turkey. I'm not discouraging but it did happen during my flight. Although life is cheaper than any other European country but jobs are very less. The country have high unemployment rate.

hi how ru i am from india..

I am Muhammed Arshad From India and interested to move in kosovo

i am from india  and i want to come  here for study is it easy to get a part time work can you tell me please

I want work in kosovo .How is Kosovo work condition?what is procegure Kosovo viza?

Hello sir,
               I feel good opportunity to write a message to you,that I have requested you to find a job  in Kosova.


What is the business situation in Kosovo?
If someone can help me out.
I am a Pakistan national and living in Dubai.


Hi Erica,

How you can help out me in establishing a fast foodbusi ess?
Please let me know the requirement and your assistance reward.
By the way I ama Pakistan national doing business and living in Dubai.

Shakil Akhter