Salary expectations! Help needed please

Hi guys,

I have just finished a Masters degree in Strength & Conditioning and have recently been in touch with the WI University. We are trying to arrnage something for me to get invovled with athletes on the Island. The only issue is what salary should I be on? How much is cost of living for 2 adults who want to live an OKish lifstyle?

Any info would be helpful

Thank you

Hello rhys-morris.

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In meantime, you can go through the other threads on Work and Cost of living on the Barbados forum. It can help.

Thank you,

did you figure out? i am moving soon with family. wondering if $350K BSD is enough to live with a rent around $6000bsd max, i am not sure how much is health insurance, utilities and food for a  family of 5. ideas?

I could give you an estimate for 2 adults, but not a family of 5.

Would say for a family of 2, 300K BSD is a good living there?

I own a house, so those responsibilities are reflected in the cost. I do not have the cost of a car, so that might make it a bit more expensive, but for a decent life to include eating out regularly, once a week and twice sometimes. I would say $4500 BDS a month. This is for 2 adults 60 plus. I would not be able to even guess what a family would need, as kids are expensive.

Thank you for your help, I am budgeting worse case scenarios, and it's good to know that 4500BDS provide quality life.

My employer may provide housing and other benefits. I will be able to take a car, are they expensive there because of taxes or just the gas prices and maintenance?

My kids are young, and they don't need a lot, they will have good health insurance and I will be able to get them in private school, and still save a little. I am looking for a simple life with work balance so I can enjoy them.

One more thing, would you be able to tell how much cost cleaning or maid services? I would prefer to have a maid in the first six months helping with the house until we settle down and we moved our stuff overseas.

Thank you!!!!

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