Moving to Namibia: The whole immigration process

Hi all, I am a South African woman who is married to a man whose deceased mother was born in Namibia (have proof of this in her South African I.D book). It has always been our dream to move to and farm in Namibia. Now my questions are, how do we go about doing this? What are the first steps we are meant to take in order to be able to immigrate to Namibia? Does the fact that my mom in law was born in Namibia help us at all? Thank you so much in advance.

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Hi. Ek wil graag weet of U vir my die regte vorms kan stuur sodat ons daardeur kan kyk. Ons stel moontlik belang om Januarie 2015 Namibie toe te trek. Ons bly tans in Johannesburg, Suid Afrika.

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Please help me to immigrate to Namibia.

Before deciding to immigrate it would be wise to see if there is work available in Namibia and if you can get a visa or work permit.

Hi i am from kuruman south-africa and me, my husband and two children want to move to namibia, as my husband can get work there, how does the process work

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In which sector is your husband looking for work please ?

I suggest you read the previous posts of Stumpy.. they are really helpful please :)

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You could contact the Namibian authorities for the information.
A Google search should give you contact details. Also try a Namibian Embassy in SA.

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I am new to this blog and we are considerng immigrating to Namibia.  My husband is an attorney and I am a Paralegal.  We have two children.  Can anyone guide me in terms of where to start the process to ascertain whether we will be eligible??

Any assistance and/or guidance will be much appreciated.



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Hello Lucille and Werner, my family that is left in south africa is alos wanting to move to namibia and live there. I see you got all the papers you need,  so could you please forward them to me on jeanpierre.maritz[at]
I would really appreciate that.
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Myself and my family is thinking of immigrating to Namibia. Is there anyone here that can put me on the right track and where to start this process? Any info will be welcome!


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Those of you who have successfully managed to move/immigrate to Nambia from South Africa, has it been an easy process?  Has work been easy to find?

I am married with 2 boys and considering immigrating to Namibia.

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We live in Dubai, we want to retire in Namibia Swakopmund area in 2-3 Years time.
Want to know if someone can put me on the right track to start the process.
Any info will be welcome please.

If you get any info to start the process, please will you send it to me also.
I looked all over internet but cant find any info.

I am Namibian from birth, and lived and worked there for 30 years, before moving to the UK. I have since got married and have 2 children.
I would like to return to Namibia, and need advice into how to get back my citizenship, jobs, housing etc. And the most important thing, the move.
I have studied and am qualified Nature Conservation Officer in Namibia, and am currently a Project Manager in the construction of multi megawatt solar power plants.
If there is somebody out there with info, to point me into the right direction, that would be grateful.

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               Was it easy to get the info, I would also like to get that info, because me and my wife would also like to imagrate to Namibia! Would you mind sharing it with us?

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Would you be so kind and also send me the process to move to Namibia, you claim you also received.

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Hi Lucille

Would you be so kind and also send me the process to move to Namibia, you claim you also received.

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Hi There,
I live with my family in Port Elizabeth, Eastern Cape, South Africa.
I work as a Transport Manager for a vehicle transport company and my wife is an administrator at a private school. We want to emigrate to Namibia with our three kids.
I would like to know if someone can guide us through the process of getting the right documentation in otder to relocate.
I also think the challenge would be to secure a job, finding housing and schools for the kids.
Any assistance would be appreciated.
Thank You.

Hi Lucille,

Would you also be so kind to send me more information on the relocation processes. We are staying in P.E South Africa and would like to immigrate to Namibia.
My email address is donovan.coetzer[at]

Hi Lucille

Are you able to send me the details that you managed to find, I am unable to find what I am looking for.

Thanking you in advance.

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Hi everyone.

Same for me and my family, wife and 2 kids. We want to immigrate to Namibia. Wife is a paralegal and I will not be working in Namibia as I am already permanently employed in Brasil ;). I travel back and forth to work once every 4 weeks, get paid in USD and will effectively be unemployed there. I do have friends living in Namibia whom I have met while on vacation to Namibia who can give references for what it is worth. You can kind off say that I will come there to retire.

Can you please send me the required information to start the process to ****

Hi all. I'm looking into immigrating to Windhoek with my family from Durban  and would appreciate any information as to where and how to start this process.

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I am Geraldine and 24 years old. I really want to immigrate to Namibia Northern Side (Tsumeb, Grootfontein). As I was there on holiday in April 2015 and lost my heart on the land. I want to find a job there and start my adult life (Family and career) there.
Can any of you please help me on how I can go about to immigrate there? Can I apply for a temporary residence then look for work and then get a work permit? (I have accommodation there Close friends) Or should I first get a job then apply for all that?
Is there no way I can get permanent residence in Namibia?
Any assistance would truly be appreciated as I am stuck and really want to immigrate there.
Thanks a million in advance :)

What would be required from my husband and myself, in order to immigrate to Namibia, we are in our seventies and would like to buy a house in a Retirement Village in Namibia. What are the chances for us to get a permanent residence permit. Should we buy the house first or rather wait and see is we can get a residence permit first. We are retired and self supporting and able to invest money in Namibia. We are South African Citizens.

Hi Lucille

Did you guys move to Namibia and where did you get all the relevant information regarding customs with cars and furniture etc?

Hi Everyone.

I'm a Englishman that can run his business from home or anywhere, as it's largely internet related. I'm going to marry a Namibian woman next year and we'd obviously like to live together in Windhoek all the time. As it stands, I can only see her for 90 days at a time before having to come back to the UK. Does anyone have any advice as to how I can legitimately extend this? I don't have to work in Namibia as such (though she will) as my clients are world-wide and pay me in Sterling in the UK, so I could either run the business from Namibia, or from the UK.
My options are:
1. Marry, become a Namibian and renounce UK citizenship (which I'd rather not do)
2. Get a working visa - but I worry this will only be a short term fix, as I don't have the funds to claim I am setting up a business.
3. Continue to semi-grate, every 90 days leave for a few months and come back again later.
or 4. Emigrate, but keep British Citizenship (my preferred option). Don't know if this is even possible.
General advice please from anyone as to which might be the best option?

Hi all!

We are new here, I am a South African (born and bred) citizen married to a Namibian born South African citizen, could anyone advise what we need to do or where we could start to look into moving to Namibia?

Your advice and help would be much appreciated.

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I need some help, my husband wants to apply for citizenship (Myself already have my Nam ID, applying for passport in December).  With his application he must submitted a motivational letter for application and I also need to give a motivational letter for him, what do you write in such a letter?

Kindly share the options of residency in namibia. I never been their but done research and found that its a hidden paradise. Is there someone who can guide me?

Try  for immigration/residency.

For cost of living try

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