Getting married in Laos

Hiya you talking about a lawyer. Shut I take a lawyer in Thailand, in Laos or in the country I live?

Thank you so far!

Get married in Thailand and register the marriage at the Lao Embassy in Thailand. Her family can come over from Laos to attend the wedding.

You can get a lawyer in Thailand to get the paperwork done.

If your soon to be wife is looking to go home and settle back in Laos there is a new visa available to you as the spouse of a Lao citizen. I have placed a thread on the forum explaining it all.

alright thanks you mate! I did some investigation myself in the mean while. So far I can say it's the best way to get married in Hong Kong. The flights are not so expensive and it would save me a lot of trouble if I can take it out of hands. In 3-4 days we can be married.  I don't any agency consultation in Thailand and I heard bad  stories about Lao. Of course I keep posting as soon I have something new to report  However it can take a while, planning is to get married in March 2019. For now I'm very grateful.

Good one !
Just remember to register the marriage at the Lao Embassy in HK.
What are the bad stories you hear about Laos?

Do keep us in the loop as any information may be of interest to others.

I heard in Laos they charge for everything even when the papers is done on time just to have more money. In Thailand the same thing. The best and easiest way is to get married in Hong Kong. All you need is proof of freedom like divorce papers or death clearance in case of widow, passport and travel tickets. Not even home registration, birth certificate etc.

There is a tendency to charge extra when it comes to expats.The govt here is trying to stamp it out as it reflects on them.  Most Asian countries are the same. That's why it is best to use a lawyer.  I find it pays to stand your ground too without raised voice and gesticulating.

Overseas marriages are recognized now. You should also register the marriage with your Embassy too.

I have send to 2 different company's for assisting in my wedding to arrange all paperwork etc. However it's not much to do you but I shut get an appointment to register the marriage and some days or a week later to pick up the Notice of Intended Marriage. I do not so many days to get off from work :-) So I get 2 price offers. The first was HKD8230 and the fees of the register office come to it. The second I received was HKD5000 including the fees of the register office.

Some interesting information I just recover. When a European person get married with a non-European person, that non-European spouse shut learn the language before he/she goes to the country to go where the European citizen lives. He or she shut have an immigration exam at the embassy of the home country. In the first 5 years the European citizen can not have a timeout in his/her job carrière.

However, if the EU-cititzen is living in another EU-country then his/her home country where he/she was born, she don't need a immigration test and doesn't need to learn any language to enter the country. The embassy shut give a permit to enter the country without charge within a week. It's even so, if the married couple arrived at the passport control of the country where the EU-citizen lives without arrange a permit visa beforehand, the border police can't send the person back, in fact they need to give the person strait away a permit to enter the country. Only what they need to do is to make sure you have proof you both family from each other. A marriage certificate is the best proof...

All information you can find on the official website of the European Union

Here the correct link strait to the right page: … dex_en.htm

Hi double Dutch, how is your progress?

I live in Thailand, as does my lao girlfriend. We want to marry in Thailand or Hong Kong, my god, its hard to get straight info! Would you be able to share with me the Hong Kong law firm that offered you the best deal?

I have been offered $3500 by first agent in Laos (vte) . And then $2175 by another agent in Laos (champassak), but it seems doing it elsewhere may be more straightforward.

Hi! Can expat and Lao citizen get married in Lao Embassy in Hong Kong? Thanks! :)

Best you marry in Laos. As far as I know the Embassy does not allow marriages in the Embassy.  You can marry elsewhere in Hong Kong. Can be costly.

You​ dont​ really​ need​ a​ lawyer or​ agent to​ arrange your​ marriage​ in​ HK.
Its​ pretty straight forward.​ Notice of​ intent to​ marry cost​ HK$305
Then​ registry fees HK$715

Its​ all​ well​ explained here

In​ addition to​ this​ we​ had​ the​ marriage​ certificate apostilled by​ the​ High​ Court in​ HK.​ Cost​ only a​ few​ $ and​ it​ makes​ it​ just​ about​ as​ official world wide as​ it​ can​ be.
The​ High​ Court​ isnt far​ from​ the​ registry​ office.
We​ then​ went​ to​ the​ Ministry of​ Foriegn Affairs in​ Vientiane​ and​ they​ certified it​ there​ also after​ we​ had​ it​ translated.

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