How to find work in the Bahamas from abroad

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Les français ne sont pas nombreux aux Bahamas,
De plus cela dépends de votre cursus, et de votre expérience, trouver un job aux Bahamas de l’Europe c est du rêve, il faut déjà connaitre votre domaine d'activité, après avoir une société, pour votre visa et votre domaine d'expertise et seulement après envisager un travail sur une îles.

C'est long et il faut comprendre que le gouvernement n'accepte de donner un visa que si une société ne trouve pas cette qualification sur place.

Je connais assez bien le marché intérieur pour en faire partie depuis un bon moment déjà, si vous avez des questions dites moi et si je peux y répondre vous apportez une réponse.

Amicalement Emmanuel

Hi my Ques is to find work in Bahamas from abroad.

Hi!  I am currently living in the United States, but looking to find a temporary job to join my partner who is teaching there.  I have a bachelor's degree and am currently working as an intentellectual property paralegal with 15+ years experience.  Please let me know any suggestions on getting started on a search.


Hi Kim,

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I suggest you browse through the Jobs in the Bahamas section and drop your resume in the work sector that you feel more comfortable doing please :)

Wish you all the best with everything and hope you find a job soon :)

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Hi there,
I am a 32 year old certified Nurses Aid/CCA and we are looking to find work in the Bahamas, and have our two children see other beautiful cultures. I do not know who or how we can find job opportunities for us. My husband is a manager of an Auto Body shop. Is there any way we can make this possible or if there is work in my field and his field of Auto Body. I have tried finding sites with job opportunities but I am having difficulty. If there is any info on how we can find info that would be great. Thanks so much.

Hi Donald.
happy to know that you are getting better.
my name is Kiikpoye from Nigeria (resides  in nigeria) I holds a bachelor of Electrical engineering . But in practice I am working as an instrument engineer. Nevertheless, I am a born teacher. I have taught Mathematics, physics , chemistry and applied electronics. I have written books on maths ,electrical circuits and Logic /digital electronics. I am planing to move to the Bahamas . I heard that engineering work is not available. So is it possible  for me to find a teaching job that could also enable me to read for a master degree . Also give me advice and helpful contact in Bahamas.
here is my email: xxx

HI, you can check out Doctor's Hospital website, there numbers and email are there its a private hospital.

i am ik, i am from Nigeria, working as a medical doctor in - Lagos.
i am planning to move to Bahamas. i need to know more about about the job market there.

I am Iveri. I live in Georgia (not usa). Work as IT Specialist, also Navigation System speacialist. But I dont know English good. To begin with can I find any work who needs a heavy working? Thank you.

Re: How to find work in the Bahamas from abroad
I am Iveri. I live in Georgia (not usa). Work as IT Specialist, also Navigation System speacialist. But I dont know English good. To begin with can I find any work who needs a heavy working? Thank you.

I am a U.S. attorney who practices corporate, non- profit, and intellectual property law. I also serve as general counsel to an investment firm. My husband got a job in Nassau and I would like to secure employment there so that I can join him. I know that I am not qualified to work as a lawyer, but I have a strong financial background and would be very interested in any consulting type position. Do you have any advice for me?

Im from jamaica a register and maritime security officer how could i get a job ib bahamas what are the requirements

Hello Sweeting,

Are you encouraging job application emails from other bloggers too? I am a Canadian expat, married to a Bahamian and have lived outside of New providence for many years. We are in the process of relocating there and are job-seeking but it's difficult to find contacts.

What do you recommend?

Now i am live in Bangladesh,I am graduate,now i want to move Bahamas and looking for a job,how i will get it
please help me.

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Hi i live in ja Kingston works in stores,bar and am seeking a job in Bahamas and how can I get a job in Bahamas..please help me...😍😘😍😘

ok thank im jamaican but would like to get a job in bahamas

hello dear
Myself Nazrul and am from Bangladesh,
I wanted some information about work permit for Bangladeshi passport holders. Is it possible that your firm process work permit for Bangladeshi? If yes, what are the procedures and what are your fees?

Thank You

Hi, I have worked in the casino industry for over 30 years, in operations, but also sales and consulting new projects. I have worked in Russia 15 years, but also Nassau many years ago, and still miss it.
I have business skills, having run my own gaming operations in Moscow. I am a good organiser, self motivated, considerate good listener, but on occasion lack patience as i need to see any job done properly.
I am ready to buy a modest property in Nassau, or any other place in the Bahamas that has schools available for my 4 year old daughter.
How to get a living in Nassau please?
Many thanks in advance, John.

I wonder if anyone replied to your inquiry. I think if you wanted to find a job in the bahamas , there are ways that can be done before hoppin on a plane here. However, there is
Wish you found what you were looking for.
Better late than ever,

If I get a job can my children come with me . How will I get a place to live an school for them.

My name is Melissa Rodney I am not shore of what kind of money Bahamas use so I will say about $800.00 a week.

I really need to work in Bahamas, I am interested in working as a security guard . can anyone link me up? Can I find security job in Bahamas when I go there?

I am currently living in Phoenix Arizona and am seriously considering taking a job in the Bahamas. However, in spite of having great qualifications, I was turned down because i was not Bahamian by birth or relation. Is there a way that I can get a work visa without having found a job or request permission for dual residency? Thanks in advance!

Dee Dee McCue

I am interested in finding out about possible employment in the Bahama's as well.
I am from Lebanon

I'm looking for a casual work in bahamas currently am in saudi arabia but my contract is done .so i what my next destination to be bahamas is there posibility of me getting any causal job

I am a registered nurse with 8 years experience from St Vincent & Grenadines.i would like information on working as a nurse in Bahamas.

Evabless84 :

I am a registered nurse with 8 years experience from St Vincent & Grenadines.i would like information on working as a nurse in Bahamas.

Can check Jobs section by clicking on bars or tab at top of forum page. Or maybe Google for jobs.

Not sure if any headhunters monitor these forums.

donaldsweeting :

Hi Eric

Depending on what you do for a living it is very difficult to find the jobs that you will be permitted to do advertised on a blog or internet advert. 

The employment rules for the Bahamas states that any area of work that cannot be performed by an equally qualified Bahamian could then be advertised externally.

Please let me know what you do and perhaps send a CV (resume)over on e-mail and I will attempt to get it circulated in the right channels for you. In the mean time please visit our site.

I' m a South African planning to move to Bahamas in September and I started searching for job opportunities, but in vain.

Donald,I'm very impressed with your response to Eric and would love to be in contact with you via email,so as to email my resume.
I'm a Degree holder in Psychology (Social Studies), but not yet fully qualified and a TEFL Certificate holder with more experience in Social Work job ,Client Services and Admin

However,I don't have your email, would be pleased to hear from you soon or if you can send me to ***
Alternatively, anyone with more info  you are welcomed!

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hi sir mr.donald,
              i am romina soriano a filipino citezen.looking for a job as a housekeeper/nanny/aupair/caregiver.sir maybe you can hel me find a job.thank you.

For those seeking work you can place your CV in the jobs section, top of this page. Job seeking is not permitted here on the open forum.

For security reasons it is unsafe to post any contact details on the open forum. Use the message system for this.

Hi , It depends what you are looking for.
I think it is possible to find job while overseas.

How to find work from abroad. I have applied to several job vacancies online but to no avail besides my experience in banking and financial services industry

sir i wanna Move to Bahamas,,,,, And wanna work there so as i am a Banlgadeshi Nationals its visa free us to enter Bahamas. So would you please suggest me how can i get a work in Bahamas.

I will be very grateful to you.

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