Guinea Conakry flatshare


Is it popular to share a flat or a house in Guinea Conakry?

What advice would you give to those looking for shared accommodation in Guinea Conakry?

Can you recommend specialized local websites or newspapers?

By the way, keep in mind there is a flat share/house share section in the classifieds ;)

Thank you in advance for your participation and advice!


I don't think sharing a flat in guinea is the best option when it comes to accommodation. Renting something private is the best option as it is really hard to find someone you can trust out there.Places such as coleyah or miniere are good areas to stay at and there local facilities around tose areas, but sharing a flat is a def NO NO.
hope I helped.

Hello chinanapa9!

Thank you for your advice.


My pleasure :)

salut je suis sidiki fofana guineen

Am in need of a two bed room house for rent

    Am in need of a two bed room house for rent        -@ff1129080

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