another prospective teacher; schools and locations

I'm in the US, looking to teach ESL abroad, probably in China (though also considering Saudi Arabia).
In China, I am concerned to not live in a place with bad air pollution.  Therefore it is frustrating the otherwise most appealing job offer I have gotten is in the Pearl River Delta, purportedly quite badly polluted.
It is a University job, at Zhongshan Torch Polytechnic.
Otherwise, I have been in contact with chain schools like Meten and New Dynamic.  I am more interested in landing in a place like Suzhou or Dalian, because it sounds like they have relatively few problems with air pollution.
So, if anyone here would care to comment on these things:  Are you familiar with Zhongshan Torch Polytechnic?  DO you have personal experience with the level of pollution in Zhongshan City (the torch)?  Or do you have experience/opinions of Meten or NDI, or of life in Suzhou or Dalian?

Inner Mongolia here in China has not to much. I live in Manzhouli right on the border with China and it is a very clean town.