moving to India??

My deepest desire is to move to India -
I have the ideas, just not the know-how to
make my dream a definite reality -
so much is involved -

When I think of selling all my hard-to-come by antique
furniture, beautiful houseplants I've had for over 20 years,
costly household items such as air purfiers that would not
be replaceable, or cost much more to replace, I know I will
have to be sure of my decision if I make the move.  And:  if
it doesn't work out, I will return to NOTHING!  Not a good thing
if you are over a certain age in life.  I also have to consider the fact I have white skin, am single - and- female.  This could work against me in this culture.

As well, I've only lived in two spots in India:  a village near
Bangalore, and a village near Cochin, Kerala.  I love Kerala
because of the gentle people, cleanliness, etc, but Bangalore has many more ammenities.  The pollution, out of control building going on, etc. makes me hold back making it a first choice.

And - I have a small pet that may be negatively affected by the difference in air and water, etc.

Any advice, ideas, and helpful comments would be most welcome.
Thank you, all.

The best wish to give someone is to wish interesting times for them. You certainly trying to do that. However yours is a beautiful country too. I would suggest that do not sell anything right now. If you can afford it, come to India and settle down and make your friend/family circle. After you become comfortable either in Kerala or Bangalore then take the decision to sell everything in your country to permanently live here. In case things dont work out you can always go back.


Hi, MeriPrem. Don`t worry about anything.
I came to India, having nothing, just desire and tourist visa. Me also single white woman from Russia. I want to stay in India for life and i am sure, my dream will come true soon.
If you have deep desire, so, as we say in Russia, everything is possible, if you love.
I am currently in Delhi. I love this place. I do not feel any stress due to my white skin and feel India as my native. So, it`s up to you to make a final decision.
Wish you all the best.

Thank you, Dear Tatyana!
Can we correspond directly?
I have so much to ask and say
and prefer not to be on a public forum -
the subject of course, will be the one
at hand - INDIA.

Sure. Happy to stay in touch. If it in my hand, i will help you. We can chat in skype - tatyana.volchanova( Tata from India), or by sending e-mail ([email protected]).



hey there,,,,,dont worry .....i welcome u to india with open arms,,,,,, its a beautiful place to be at ...u will enjoy ur stay .....meeting new people, different cultue, helping hands, we respect our guests and they r like our family members.......we can be in touch at [email protected] bless :)

Thank you
for your inspiring reply and warm welcome,
definitely I will write - thank you also
for your kind trust in offering me your email address.

anytime bro......take care :)

@MeriPrem It's easy to understand why someone might want to move there. However, it's important to be well informed before making a big decision like this. You should consider factors such as the cost of living, employment opportunities, language barriers, and cultural differences. It's also important to know yourself about the legal requirements for living and working in India, such as obtaining a visa.

Additionally, researching different cities and regions in India can help you make a decision on where you'd like to live. Each area offers unique experiences, and it's important to find a place that fits your lifestyle and goals. Finally, it's always a good idea to visit the country and spend some time there before making the permanent move. This will give you a sense of what life is like and help you make a more informed decision. Overall, moving to India can be a wonderful and enriching experience, but it's important to be well-prepared and fully informed before taking the plunge.

I cant wait to live in India.  I am in the process of getting OCI.  I hope that it does not take too long

Hello silvassapearlresort,

Thank you for sharing all these tips with us1f609.svg

I hope that other members will find them useful as well.







Hello renereddy,

When did you apply for it?

I'm thinking about getting mine as well1f60d.svg

Wish you all the best,

Yoginee team

Hi Yoginee

I am from South Africa, so paperwork is going through our south African govt departments which takes a long time.  We have all paperwork to prove our Indian descent.


Wow!  What a surprise after so many years,

hearing from


I do agree with your message,

most of which I figured out during the good old days,

when people could travel without being harassed

by airport officials, etc. etc. etc.

I'm older now, and in need of excellence in

medical care for certain physical issues.

Though India does definitely have some highly skilled

doctors and wonderful hospitals, some of my physical

medical needs cannot be met there. 

So what I once thought

was a  block for me moving to India (the 2 years of COVID

restrictions for the city I was living in)was a blessing of

the universe:  I found out soon after that I would need

eye surgery - not something I would take a chance with

in a country other than mine  - at least here I was able

to  know where to contact to find the best specialist to

do the job, and to learn about his work and success rate.


Hello, there!

It's been many years since I first signed up with

and I forgot all about it - until someone send me a message today

in reply to something I wrote, possibly over 15 years ago.........

If only I had of read your very helpful suggestions before I did

sell my furniture and put all my focus on not having to return to

the West again.

It was one of the worst decisions I've ever made - but I have to forgive

myself, because I believed I could survive happily forever in the Ashram

I was going to be in for the 6 months I committed to RE the plane tickets

I had purchased.

What happened during and after that escapade taught me in much

more difficult and harsh ways than I could have imagined.

And it was that experience and set of errors that put a nice, big dose

of CAUTION in my nature, along with the habit of thinking things through

to their logical conclusion BEFORE doing things.


sorry to hear about your experience. What's your email since I want to move to India as well but do not plan to completely uproot myself from here in USA.

Sounds like you'll be visiting India only, not making a total move - which is wise, unless you know where you want to move to in India, you have done your deep research and spent at least just under 6 months there, you'd need to check with your Consulate of India as to the length of time a visitor's VISA will be valid - rules are may be different by the time you are ready to commit to a long visit.