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Hi all. We are soon to be furnishing our new flat we need everything. Anyone got any recommendations for stores for kitchen, bathrooms, sofas etc.


Cheap Quality - Krea (Very cheap Quality)
decent Quality - The Atrium

Kitchen Appliances
Try and do deals to include in the price of Kitchen if not Homemate / Forestals etc..

Hope this helps


For appliances check out Vittel in San Gwann.

For furniture check out the shops in Valley Rd Msida, There are at least 6 within 500 metres of each other

we recently bought a sofa over here and, more often than not, it will take a while for it to be delivered to you.
we eventually got ours after a three month wait.
so it might be worth considering buying your sofa first !!

Agree - we hunted the island up and down for a sofa and when we finally picked one waited 3months for delivery. 

Where you go will depend on how much you are willing to pay....  I think they are all overpriced but you have to have somewhere to sit!

We got tired of wasting days roaming around the island with no real direction so we created a list of everything we could find listed anywhere on the island and spent two weekends trying to located the stores and assess their inventory.  Below is a list of names, I have an excel spreadsheet with websites, phone numbers and some addresses and a bit of info that we could find on them.  if you want a copy of that send me a Message with you email and I'll get it out to you.

Construct Furniture
Oxford House
JDS Furniture
Form Ltd
Moods Furniture
Vassallo joiners
Bonds Limited
Fenton Furniture
Fair Deal Furniture
R Living
Windsor Co
BDI Furniture


We can recommend Form in Valley Road as we got most of our furniture there but all pieces one-of-kind and on show so we didn't have to wait .

But customer service and delivery was very good and on time.

There are several other furniture stores nearby too !


Thanks for the advice everyone.. we are gonna have a big look around.. also thinking about doing a day trip to Ikea.

While you are looking see if you can find me a decent desk, everything I have seen is either stupid money or would not last a week, and still stupid money, 100 Euros for a childs computer desk that in UK is £19.99 Help maybe someone has spotted a second hand one but decent. Other-wise I will bring a couple out next month on my next trip. Jim.

Have you checked Logista (sp?) in St. Pauls Bay?  I've been in there once or twice and they have a decent selection if I recall and I think their prices were on the lower side of outrageous....  Its located on Parades St, on the left just past the small park headed towards Xemxija.


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so sorry, I didn't mean to break rules but only to help. My recommendation was only due to personal experience, no private interests.

I mean, Ricky and Jakulin were also naming specific stores in their answers! Is it ok to give the name without the link, then ? Let me know.

I moved to Malta 6 months ago and I bought all my furnitur from fino in qormi... they had an offer with 7800 euro you furnish a whole one bedroom apartment... i got a kitchen with appliances, bedroom, sofa, wall unit and table and chairs..... delivery took 7 weeks.... apart from my opinion they have the nicest showroom on one floor. Joinwell is ok too but very expensive.

sory my english not very good but i try my best.

Wow - that's great!  I like Fino too but the prices always seemed so high.  Right-on getting such a great deal!


I am moving from Canada to Malta in a few months and am debating what to take with me.  Given what I've read on furniture here I am thinking I might be better off just bringing my own good pieces rather than buy locally.  With the cost of clothes/books and other necessities I need to bring the furniture isn't driving the cost up much more.

Thoughts?  Anyone else had this dilemma?



Hi Col,

welcome to the forum.

It really all depends on your circumstances and plans for your stay in Malta. 95 % of all appartments are furnished anyway so your own stuff would make it more difficult to find a place if you are going to rent.It also makes it a lot easier to move once you are in Malta. Many Expats move several times before finding the right place (dogs barking,construction noise,loud neighbours or students and other things can be a reason to want to move!)

If you are buying a house or appartment it could make sense to bring your own best pieces.


Thanks Ricky.

Yes, we are planning on buying a property at some point after our arrival.  The plan is to get a place to rent, learn our way around a bit then buy so probably 6mo - yr timeframe depending on lease and time I can get away from work to persue buying a place.


Hi col,

as your plans are to rent first don't bring furniture with you!  Just small, personal pieces that will fit into a furnished place !

And really be careful buying a property in Malta. Most of my Expat friends are stuck with their places and can't sell ! One friend has even gone down from 370.00 to 250.000 and still can't sell ! That would indicate that prices in Malta are 30-50 % to high at the moment !

Malta properties are low quality rip-offs compared to the rest of Europe.


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There is a guy who has a facebook page and does weekly trips to ikea and the other hyperstores in italia. You can find him on facebook under sicily bargains.

he puts a little on top for the door to door delivery.

Hey Brayster99.....any news on the import of commercial vehicles to Malta yet.....I have seen a wicked 'Landrover Discovery' commercial......easy convert back as well.

Hi, Just to let you know that, based on recommendations on this forum, we had placed an Ikea order for various pieces of small furniture with Holland-Malta. All went as scheduled, the man who organizes the service is very reactive with e-mails and also phoned ahead to announce delivery the day merchandise reached Malta. I had also requested assembling service, which took place two days later. The handyman was very careful, efficient and friendly.

I cannot tell if other companies providing a similar service are cheaper or not, all I can say is that I had compared prices on the dutch, german and italian Ikea catalogs and Italy was definitely more expensive. We are very happy with the way things went and will certainly use them again.

I am not related in any way to the company and advertising it, I just wished to share experience so that others can benefit the way I did (I had never heard of them until I read this forum, so thanks very much).

Hi am looking for furniture store on the Island so i would be really grateful for any help you can give me .many thank's

I can recommend the Atrium. Very helpful staff and if we are not in Malta we order things via email (they let us pay on delivery!!).
Delivery is always spot on time and the delivery men helpful. x

Thank you. i will go check it out.sounds promising.

maged elshaer: one of the biggest manufactures in egypt manged by mr. maged elshaer  we have over 1000 pcs different and good prices we accept emil [email protected]

The company we use in Malta to buy our furniture and assemble it is Homesolutions. We chose the furniture from Ikea and they order it. Transport it and deliver it, and ensseamble it. We had a new kitchen by them and it's great. We in the process in ordering bedroom furniture for two of our rooms. We tried all the Malta shops but I don't like the quality and it's very expensive.

Don't know if you're only interested in new furniture, but on Thurs I am going to look at some that a man is selling in Valletta. Long story short, he is elderly and needs to move out of a flat ASAP so would prob negotiate prices. I doubt it's modern furniture and I'm not sure if he is offering moving services but let me know what you think.

Hello Jakulin
I hope all is good for you ?   :-))

  I realise that your post about xls of furniture stores was a long time ago , but i wondered if you might still be able to share that ?     

my husband and I are looking to furnish a house in Malta (we are english, but currently live in AbuDhabi)   I arrive in time for xmas and NOTHING !!   lol....   

with kind regards  elle

This subject is proving very helpful thanks everyone, ps Col I certainly wouln't risk transporting any important pieces from Canada. I took a 10x20ft container from Uk to US in 2003, it's still there.