Looking for a change! 🧳✈


I am thinking of moving to Mozambique for   a year! Any advice or tips will be welcome!

Thank you in advance!😁

Hello Jamila,

Welcome on board !

are you moving long term or short term ? have you already found a job ?



Hi Bhavna!

Lovely to meet you & thanks for the reply! 😊

I am looking to move for a year or two but open to stay long term! No, I have not found a job yet, I am applying online but planning on going to Mozambique within the next two months, might have more luck in person rather than online!

Do you live in Mozambique? 🇲🇿



@Jamilanicolepinto I'm phillimon from maputo Mozambique. Any questions or advice get me on my watsap **********

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