English speaking contact to help me obtain resident permit


Hi I am new to Uruguay forum.  My name is Linda, I live in the United States, I visited Punta Del Este, Uruguay in November 2022 and loved it.  I am looking to move to Uruguay and would like a recommendation of a English speaking contact to help me obtain resident permit.  I would like to ensure my adult son and I meet the requirements before proceeding.  I have a house and belongings here and I would not want to settle things here if I would not be approved.  Does anyone have a recommendations?  If anyone has already gone through the process of moving from US to Uruguay your advice would be welcomed.

Hi Linda, to start, you will need your birth certificate apostilled and you will need a police/FBI clearance again apostilled and issued within 6 months of entry to Uruguay. Both documents have to be translated by an approved translator and notarized. You will also need vaccination records and tetanus is compulsory. You will need some passport sized photos known as photo carnet. You have to enter as a tourist then extend your visa and take it from there.

@ColoniaMan Thank you so much for the information.  Is health insurance a requirement? 

Can I obtain approval for resident permit before I come to Uruguay? If so, do you have any recommendations for English speaking contact in Uruguay to assist in getting the resident permit?

I wasn't asked about health insurance. My understanding is that it is supposedly possible to obtain residency outside Uruguay but in practice you will find it extremely difficult. It wasn't that difficult to get residency in country but it is a long drawn out process and papers get lost or someone forgets to do something. I kept hearing the name of an immigration lawyer but I spoke to him on the phone and decided against him. I just got some help from an English speaking local to get the vaccination, which was free and the health check up at a private clinic then a notary arranged other matters.

Start by creating an identity then search the procedures for legal residency


Hello everyone and welcome on board Linda !

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@Bhavna Thank you so much, I am new to this website and was a little lost when navigating.  This should help.

Hello, Linda!

We are presently going through the process.  So far it worked very well for us.  Just one and a half months after arrival we now have or 2 year permit, public health insurance, a bank account and a car.  As a matter of fact we had all but the car after less than three weeks.   Although I normally do all administrative things myself, this time I splurged and hired an immigration lawyer, since I do not speak Spanish, and they really have shepherded us through all steps.  If you would like more information please private message me.

Good luck!


P.S.: Now we only have to find this elusive property to call home.  There are very good realtors in Uruguay and also those that would not have survived six months in the USA

P.P.S:  I would recommend that you sign up for travellers health insurance until you have your card here.

@lzscott112 Send me your email and I will put you in touch with a great immigration consultant who can help you navigate the residency process in Uruguay. Laura is great and will get you sorted out.