I have been out of Thailand for 4 years due to an operation in my country.

At the time I thought I would only be away a few months but due to ongoing problems have not been able to return and it has been nearly four years now, but the good news now I will be well enough to return in about a month.

All this time, my vechile which was only 6 months old when I left has been left standing, never used in all that time but luckily in a secure garage

So I wonder if anyone can advise me on getting the vehicle going again and paying back taxes etc.

It is a Ford vechile, should I perhaps get it towed to Ford dealership?

What would happen if I charge the battery and try to start it after all this time?

Any advice be most welcome cause I'm lost about this


Tow truck time

It might very well start but you have no idea if the brakes will fail. It needs a complete workover.

I had similar situation. Returned to Thailand after 3 years. Changed a new battery and car started. Sent to Toyota workshop for complete check up. They said all good except some oil need to be changed. Not much expenses. And the car is running good for the past 8 months. My car Toyota Camry  more than 10 year old. You should have no problem your car being relatively much newer. It will be just battery.

In addition you have to pay taxes for all the previous years plus penalty for delay which is 1% per month. Plus car insurance for future period.

I would be surprised if your battery had any life in it. You could jump start it

maybe but I would have oil changed and someone check it out for you.

On older vehicles the brake fluid would have evaporated enough

in that time to cause a problem. Newer cars may have a better sealed


I left my car in Thailand for about two months and when I came back

it started just fine but it had mold all over the interior. Probably due

to the humidity. I bought some upholstery cleaner and it cleaned up


@stravel2014 why do you have to pay tax for a vehicle that's been off the road for the past 4 years?.For almost the past 3 years we haven't been able to travel to Thailand from the UK due to Covid restrictions so why should I have to pay for a vehicle that wasn't being used? Makes no sense at all.

@stravel2014 hi there, getting it re-registered may present some issues, but don't let it stop you