Smaller Locations to move to

Just joined, already learning a lot.

Question = Any other smaller areas , budget friendly areas to settle in aside from David, Boquete , Chiriqui?

Not interested in Panama City or beach locations.

Oh, With reliable Electricity.


Check out Dolega, Potrerillos, other spots between David and Boquete, or Volcan on the other side of the mountain. Power is reliable in David where I am, and I don't hear much complaining from Dolega and other parts north. It seems like Boquete has frequent problems. I'm not sure about Volcan but people who live there can tell you more.

IMO it's nice to be between Boquete and David for shopping and things you need in David, and activities in Boquete. Some Spanish is very helpful outside of Boquete.

@kristc99  I appreciate the info. Now how about transportation? Trying to avoid driving if possible. Is it possible to get by on public transportation or taxis?

@syrettab1 Absolutely. Many people here never own cars. There are buses everywhere, inexpensive taxis and Uber is also available now.

El valle




All close to beaches but not beach towns, close to hospitals reliable electricity transportation restaurants all good for easy relaxed living

We live in Playa El Rompio, Los Santos, It is a beach community (population about 250 (including about 10-15% expats) . Buses come about every hour during the day to take you to Chitre (larger city) or another bus to Las Tablas. And taxis are available, also. 2 kilometers from town of Santa Ana which has 2 mini-supers ("chinos), municipal building, small salud (clinic), school, church, etc. There are a few "fondas" (small restaurants) in Rompio and the nearby beach town of Playa Monagre (you can walk to on the beach). Regional hospital is about 10 kilometers away. La Villa de Los Santos & Chitre within 20-30 minutes where there are larger grocery, hardware, furniture, clothing stores, banks, & restaurants, etc. Playa El Rompio has a long beach; waves are always mild; and there is also a fishing village. Very quiet area, although as most anywhere in Panama, people from the cities come to the beach on weekends & holidays. I don't hear much from them; it depends where you live at the beach. Reliable internet, electricity, and water most of the time. Great weather.