2 EP visa creating problem

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My employer filed for Employment pass but I rejected that employer offer as I got good offer from other employer in same country Malaysia but now my second employer when filing employment pass is facing 2 application in process so they are not able to proceed further and submit my application. They told me to tell 1st employer to cancel EP from their side and then only we can process. Since I rejected 1st offer(they might be angry) I told my new employer to contact them and tell them to cancel. What can happen in this scenario? Can you please suggest on this.

Can my 1st employer cancel EP?  Can they charge any money for that ?

What if they don't agree to cancel?

Note : Joining date of 1st employer is already elapsed.(ie. 9th of Sep 2022)

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If you have already rejected the offer from 1st employer and have informed them, then there should be no issue with canceling your EP from their side.

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They have cancelled my EP application and sent that email screenshot. Is it enough to submit this screenshot while applying for EP from new company or requires any other documents. Asking since it takes 2 weeks to revert about EP application status which is time consuming if gets rejected multiple times.

I guess that's enough :)

My EP application Stage 1 is approved.

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@tanvik0000000000 How long did it take from submission of EP until it was approved?