Did you know you need medical insurance for most visa applications?

If you're applying for a long term visa in the EU (France, Spain, Portugal, etc.), most countries will expect you to have private medical insurance alongside your visa application. Not every policy will match the visa requirements so make sure you inquire with FAB INSURANCE to avoid any unpleasant suprises!

Do you need medical insurance for your visa application?

The rules are different with each country and there are different types of visas (D2, D7, Golden, visitor visa, etc.). Many long-term visas require medical coverage for the whole duration of your stay.

Most of the time, private medical insurance is quite expensive so it is of paramount importance to make sure you're not wasting your time and hard earned money with a policy that may end-up being rejected.

Why use Fab Insurance for your visa medical policy?

Each year we deal with hundreds of battle-tested policies for visa applications and have a huge track record of acceptance so we're quite confident we'll offer a compatible solution.

Every situation has a solution, whatever the age, medical history and even if you're in a rush. You'll get a dedicated English speaking advisor. Some plans can even be setup within a couple hours so that you can sit down on and relax!

The best fit for your visa application

Our exclusive partnership with Expat.com will also benefit you as we'll offer the best policies on the market at the cheapest premium. We even have some exclusive plans!

How do I get the documentation for my interview at the visa center?

  • 1

    File an inquiry online

    Your journey starts here, you file an inquiry online and will have to fill-in the form so that we can get back in touch.

  • 2

    Speak with an advisor

    Although we can deal with your application 100% online it's often better to have a chat to make sure we provide you with an option that will be accepted. This way we're certain to provide the type of documentation they'll expect to see at your meeting at your local TLS (or VFS) center.

  • 3

    Choose your policy

    Once we've reviewed your context and profile we'll offer you with an adapted solution that matches your particular situation. You can then confirm the plan you like the most and we'll kick start your application.

  • 4

    Receive your documentation

    Once you've signed off (electronically) the application form and paid the premium we'll then provide you with the certificate of insurance & proof of payment that you'll need during your appointment at the visa center.

Find a battle-tested medical insurance for your visa application

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    • Visitor visa (VLS-TS)
    • Business visa
    • Residency (carte de séjour)


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    • Golden (investor) visa
    • Retiree visa
    • Entrepreneur visa and digital nomads
    • Residence permit


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    • D2 Visa (business visa)
    • Golden Visa (investor visa)
    • D7 Visa (retiree / visitors)
    • Residency Visa


Find a battle-tested medical insurance for your visa application