Los Angeles
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Renting is the most popular type of accommodation in Los Angeles, and there is always a plethora of options available at any moment. That implies that it is always possible to find a home that’s perfect for you here, though there are no guarantees.

A successful search boils down to using the right search formula, knowing what you need and how to search for it. Determining what you need is something you can do on your own; fixing a budget, choosing a neighbourhood, determining the type and size of the rental, etc. In going about the search, reaching out to others for assistance is crucial. You need to enlist the help of agents or ask around for referrals to cast your net wide enough to increase the probability of finding the perfect rental in Los Angeles.

Finding a neighbourhood that resonates with you

There are hundreds of neighbourhoods in Los Angeles, so there’s a good match for everyone no matter their personality, ethnicity, profession, or unique personal needs. These neighbourhoods differ in pricing, demographics, public transport system, crime rates, etc.

Downtown L.A has one of the lowest rates, and one of the highest concentration of restaurants, shopping malls, picturesque buildings, art galleries, and entertainment spots, all connected by a reliable public transport system.

Pasadena is also quite geared towards experts. It brims with a high community spirit and a homely feel. It is filled with single-family homes and boasts many top-rated schools. It also has a huge network of pedestrian-friendly roads where you will always come across moms walking their dogs or toddlers, surfers with their surfing boards, etc.

Culver City is also dynamic and welcoming to all, with highly attractive housing rates. Another highly diverse neighbourhood is Santa Monica, which offers the best of both city and beach settings.

Other diverse neighbourhoods to consider include Sherman Oaks, San Fernando Valley, Los Feliz, and eastside neighbourhoods.

Rental prices across Los Angeles

Unlike many other big American cities, L.A’s rental market has an abundance of varieties to choose from. From studio apartments to condos, bungalows, beachfront homes, townhomes, and mansions, you can always find a good fit in whichever category you want to choose in various neighbourhoods.

On average, an 85m² rental attracts a rate of $1,950 - $2,380 per month, a 45m² rental $1,370 - $2,030 per month. These rates usually cover utility bills such as water, electricity, building maintenance, etc. Most rentals also come fitted with white-labelled appliances such as dishwashers, washers, refrigerators, as well as air conditioning units, etc. You can also find deals that come with a parking lot.

However, beware that rents in L.A are relatively unstable and increases by 5% - 8% per cent yearly. But you can take advantage of rent-controlled units. As their name implies, rent-controlled units have a much more predictable rate of increase. In 2018, that rate was set at 3%. Tenants in rent-controlled units also enjoy formidable protection from unwarranted evictions. 

To check if a rental is rent-controlled, simply enter the address into L.A’s property database at ZIMAS. You will get a “yes” alert in the housing tab if the apartment is rent-controlled.

Housing hunt in Los Angeles

The internet, in general, is a good place to look for rentals. You will find a wide breadth of choices on listing sites. At your convenience, you can turn to these sites to compare prices and other aspects of several offers. The most popular rental listing sites in L.A include ApartmentList, Apartment.com, AirBnB, Rent.com, Trulia, WestsideRentals, and Zillow. These sites also provide apps for a more streamlined search experience.

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