Los Angeles neighbourhoods
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With over hundreds of neighbourhoods in Los Angeles, it can be mind-blogging to decide where to settle down. However, each of these neighbourhoods is prominent for one thing or another. Here is the best guide to choosing is what you are looking for in a neighbourhood, whether its access to freeways, lower housing costs, suitability for families, support for student life, etc.

Neighbourhoods with greater access to freeways

If you are keen on accessing various parts of Los Angeles with ease, then you should settle in a neighbourhood with access to many freeways. Atwater sits at the heart of 5, which has quick links to 101, 110, 134, and 170 leading to East-side neighbourhoods. Downtown LA is couched between 10 and 110, which easily link up to 5, 101 and 170. 10, 101, 110 run through Koreatown, and 210 and 134 - which easily links to 5, 101, and 170, skirt around the Pasadena and San Gabriel Valley areas. Although the Valley & Burbank neighbourhoods have unreliable public transport systems, they link up to a network consisting of 5, 101, 118, 170, and 405.

The cheap neighbourhoods in Los Angeles

If you are looking for decent, low-end neighbourhoods, Eco Park and Silver Lake are your best bet. On average, a one-bedroom rental goes for $1,970 per month in Eco Park and $1,850/month in Silver Lake. These neighbourhoods are quite ideal for anyone, including families, singles, art lover, sports enthusiasts, etc. Eco Park also has easy access to 5, 101, and 110. Downtown L.A also provides many low-budget housing options, with an average one room rent of $1,850. The Koreatown, Highland Park, Eagle Rock and North East L.A have some of the cheapest rates, with an average one room rent of $1,450.

The most expensive neighbourhoods in Los Angeles

The most expensive strips in Los Angeles run from Hollywood through Beverly Grove to Beverly Hills and through Santa Monica to Venice. Other high-heeled neighbourhoods include Glendale, with an average one-bedroom rent of $2,140/month, Pasadena & San Gabriel Valley with $2,140/month, and the South Bay with $2,120/month.

The best neighbourhoods for seniors and retirees in Los Angeles

Given their relatively less traffic, heavenly scenery and support for the authentic Los Angeles experience, the region from Hollywood through to Beverly Hills is a delightful place to spend your last days. The region has everything present in well-balanced proportions, from entertainment establishments to restaurants and food markets, shopping malls, and even tech and research facilities.

The best neighbourhoods for foreigners in Los Angeles

Los Angeles is rife with ethnocentric neighbourhoods, from Chinatown to Koreatown, and Thaitown. But besides neighbourhoods with names that clearly pronounce their dominant ethnicity, foreigners can also find other neighbourhoods that are more predisposed to them, including multicultural epicentres like Atwater Village, Los Feliz, and the Arts District in Downtown L.A.

The best neighbourhoods for families in Los Angeles

Pasadena and San Gabriel Valley areas are renown for being family-centric. The community spirit is quite high here. The area is filled with restaurants, recreational facilities, and beach fronts. Valencia, a master-planned community, also offers similar support for family life. Its Six Flags Amusement Park (also known as the magic mountains), as well as its newly developed downtown, make life quite pleasant here for every member of the family. The area also boasts excellent public schools, renown churches, and a slew of biking and hiking trails.

These areas also appeal to families because they’re much safer with significantly lower crime rates.

The best neighbourhoods for students in Los Angeles

Westwood is home to UCLA, and the school dumps thousands of students in the area. The area is well-geared towards student life. It has a robust public transport facility in place, although the freeways that run through it, 405 and 10, are notorious for heavy traffic. Albeit, it’s also one of the most expensive neighbourhoods in L.A.

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