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Updated 2024-05-07 08:38

Berlin is an active city, and Berliners love the outdoors, especially during the spring and summer months when the warm weather invites everyone to come outside and make the most of the sunny days and pleasant nights. Even if you are in Berlin merely for professional reasons, you won't be able to resist the city's many options for leisure, including sports and outdoor activities such as nature hikes, swimming, and sunbathing. With an excellent work–life balance in the city, there are many ways to enjoy your free time in nature and keep fit.

Nature in Berlin

There's an abundance of options for things to do in Berlin as there are parks literally everywhere, with two of the most famous being the Tiergarten and Tempelhof. During the warm months of the year, Berlin's parks are filled with people of all ages enjoying the sun and quality time alone with family or friends. If you'd prefer more natural surroundings, head to Tegeler Forst or Rieselfelder Karolinenhöhe. Both of these natural retreats are accessible from Berlin. Schöneberger Südgelände is a good option if you wish to combine the outdoors with art. You can wander around this former industrial wasteland that has been turned into a nature park for hours while discovering old railway technology, protection of the wild, and art. 

Grunewald, a forested area on the River Havel in the Berlin borough, is a great place for a day trip by train. In the summer, the shores of Lake Wannsee become a busy sandy beach for Berliners who wish for a quick getaway from the hustle and bustle of the city. The ancient and imperial fairytale-like Peacock Island is a UNESCO World Heritage site with a palace built by Emperor Friedrich Wilhelm II. Lastly, Botanischer Garten, with its Art Nouveau greenhouse, is an indoor and outdoor reserve boasting plant species from around the world. In the museum, you can learn about plants and archaeology. 

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Sports in Berlin

Berlin offers plenty of physical recreation activities and opportunities to watch live popular sports such as football. Olympia Stadium, Mercedes Benz Arena, and the Fredrick Ludwig Jan Sportpark are the larger stadiums in Berlin. You can find calendars of local events on their websites, and Ticketmaster is a good source for keeping track of sports events. While football is the most popular sport to watch, when it comes to doing it, cycling is very common as the city has an extensive network of bike lanes. Yoga, dancing, basketball, rock climbing, and bouldering are also very popular. Table tennis is particularly common in local parks and green space sit-ins. Even though it is not a physical activity, saunas are important for some Berliners when it comes to body care and recreation. There are many saunas and spas in Berlin, as well as public pools. Nueköln, for example, hosts a beautiful Roman bath-style house and an outdoor Indonesian spa called Vabali.

Hobbies can be a great way to meet locals and expats in Berlin. Sharing an experience is an easy way to break the ice with Germans. If you are looking for something new, check out the Urban Sports Club app. This is a membership-based collective of sports activities and a one-stop shop for access to any sport — from yoga and cycling studios to kayaking on the canals.

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