Things to do in Copenhagen alone, with friends or with family
Updated 12 months ago

Aside from leisure activities in Copenhagen, here are some other things to do in the city. There are festivals, seasonal events, and activities for specific age groups. 

Festivals in Copenhagen

If you're an expat in Copenhagen, stick around for summertime! Resist the temptation to head south towards sunshine with the crowds. Instead, keep things local and enjoy some of the many festivals in the city. Summer is one of the best seasons to enjoy festivals.

Whatever your interests, there should be a festival that grabs your attention. Since the dates of these festivals differ, we don't have specific dates, but they do take place yearly. Here are a few summertime favourites to look out for:
Copenhagen jazz festival
Copenhell (Copenhagen's heavy metal festival)
Copenhagen Carnival
Distortion (Denmark's biggest Electronic Music festival)
Summer Classic (Tivoli's classical music program)
3 Days of Design
Copenhagen Opera Festival
Copenhagen Cooking & Food Festival

Summer is not the only season for festivals in Copenhagen. Here are a few wintertime activities:

Christmas markets (Højbro Plads Christmas Market/Christmas Market at Kongens Nytorv)
Frederiksberg Runddel ice rink
See the beautiful Tivoli Christmas decorations

Activities for families and kids in Copenhagen

Even though some of the festivals listed above are child-friendly, there are many other options for activities to keep your kids busy in Copenhagen. In addition to weekday activities for kids [hyperlink to article], here are some more great ideas:
KU.BE: For kids aged 3 and up, KU.BE in Frederiksberg is the crawl/climb/explore experience of a lifetime. This culture house is filled with climbing slopes, nets, and even a vertical maze where kids ' and their parents ' can explore freely. Keep an eye on the KU.BE website to stay up to date with monthly events.
Frederiksberg flea market: Every Saturday morning, the Frederiksberg flea market is filled with pre-loved treasures, including books, toys, and odd bits and bobs. Copenhagen has a booming second-hand market and goods are usually very affordable and in good condition.
Louisiana Children's Museum: If you are up for a day trip, this museum located 40km outside of Copenhagen offers free daily workshops for children aged 4-16. While the kids are kept busy, mom and dad can enjoy a stroll through the sculpture park and contemporary art exhibitions.

Romantic activities in Copenhagen for couples

Copenhagen has a romantic side. Whether young or old love, these activities are perfect for couples of all ages.

Romantic picnics: Copenhagen's many public parks offer the ideal background for a romantic picnic. Ready-made food from one of the city's great eateries makes for delicious picnic food if you're short on time.
Jaegerborg Dyrehave: This idyllic park lies just 20 minutes outside of Copenhagen. Take a romantic stroll through this vast park that is home to deer, horses, singing birds, and the most beautiful countryside scenery that you could find so close to a city.

Things to do in Copenhagen alone or with friends

Whether you like flying solo or consider yourself a socialite, here are some ideas for things to fill up your weekend.

Nørrebrohallen: For everything from squash and table tennis to climbing and drop-in fitness classes, this place will gladly keep you occupied for a whole day. And while you are in the Nørrebro neighbourhood, why not stop by one of the many trendy wine bars?
Absalon: Absalon is a community centre in Vesterbro that has plenty of social activities, with a communal dining hall where you can eat on a tight budget alongside friends or strangers.

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