Sports in Copenhagen
Updated 12 months ago

Despite a generally cool climate, Copenhagen offers its inhabitants plenty of opportunities to enjoy sports both in practice and from a distance. 

Popular sports types in Copenhagen

Copenhagen really has it all. Here are some of the sports types that are easy to access and affordable:
Walking and jogging: Copenhagen is a relatively flat city with lots of green areas; ideal for a long stroll or a quick run after work.
Cycling: Whether recreationally or professionally, cycling is big in Denmark. In fact, the country is even referred to as a nation of cyclists.
Yachting: Copenhagen's location near water presents an excellent opportunity to participate in water sports.
Fitness centres and gym classes: See more information about this below.
Football (or soccer to some of you but don't call it that in Copenhagen!): Denmark boasts more than 1,600 football clubs.
Handball: As with other Scandinavian countries, handball is a popular sport amongst Danes.
Golf: Perhaps due in part to the conveniently flat areas of the country, golf is a growing sport across Denmark. Copenhagen alone has three different golf courses.
Ice hockey: Ice hockey is the most popular winter sport in Denmark.

Fitness centres and classes in Copenhagen

Copenhagen is a decently sized city, and with increasing demand for places to exercise, high-quality fitness centres are popping up all over the place. It is probably a good idea to join a gym that is close to either your workplace or home. Ask your colleagues for recommendations if you want to participate in a particular sport.

Gym membership per month costs anywhere from 140 DKK and upwards for access to machines, while top tier membership fees from 229 DKK often include access to group workouts and classes such as yoga, aerobics, and spinning.

For more information on pricing and membership options, check out some of the most popular fitness chains in Copenhagen:
Fitness World
Fresh Fitness
Urban Gym
Friskis & Svettis (special prices available for under 25s)

Free sports activities in Copenhagen

If you don't want to be tied down by a fixed gym contract, you're in luck! Copenhagen has plenty of sports activities and events that you can join for free.

For example, the gym chain Friskis & Svettis has free outdoor classes in summer. Runners can join NBRO Running for their weekly training sessions, while those who want to join casual sporting get-togethers like pick-up football can check out the Meetup Sports Copenhagen (MUSC) page for more information.

Spectator sports in Copenhagen

From boxing matches, local football and handball events, ice hockey games to international sporting events, etc. Copenhagen's residents are spoiled for choice. Many sports events are seasonal, so you will have to check back for more information about upcoming events.

Here are some websites to help you find exciting sports to attend:
Royal Arena: Copenhagen's newest arena hosts everything from ice hockey games to UFC fight nights, acrobatics championships, and Counter-Strike tournaments for the e-sports fans.
F. C. København: You're not an expat in Copenhagen until you have watched an FCK game. Check match schedules and buy tickets directly on their website.
Ticketmaster: Use this website to find specific sports events and buy tickets online.

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