Indian food
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If you are a foodie at heart, then New Delhi would be your next love affair. The city is quite literally flooded with all kinds of yummiest cuisines. From street stalls to high-end restaurants, New Delhi has infinite options to truly satisfy your taste buds.

Local cuisines in New Delhi

You can never get bored with food here. Some of the must-have local delicacies in New Delhi include Aloo Tikki and Golgappas, which are usually available at every street corner. Just make sure you check stall hygiene before diving into it. Other must-try Indian delights are Paranthas, Chole Bhature, and Delhi’s own favourite Daal Makhani with butter Naan. You can also find amazing flavorful Biryani if you fancy authentic Indian spices. Or dive into delicious butter chicken if you are a meat lover. It’s truly all finger-licking good here.

Best places for eating out in New Delhi


If you wish to try a variety of Indian cuisines, then this is your go-to restaurant. Haldiram’s is a major Indian sweets and snacks manufacturer. With a wide array of dishes on their menu, they definitely make it hard to take your pick. Haldiram’s restaurants are sprinkled all across Delhi. So just google the nearest one and go fulfil your appetite.

Old Delhi

The narrow streets of Old Delhi are always fragrant with the tantalising aroma of Mughlai cuisines. You will find multiple shops who set up their tandoors ( a type of clay oven) during the late evening. From mutton kebabs to chicken tikkas- they provide a big list of delicacies to satisfy your meat cravings. Al Jawahar and Karim’s restaurant near Jama Masjid are two of such great places to enjoy the smoky flavoured meat.

State Bhavan Canteens

Here’s a big foodie secret: Delhi is home to authentic food canteens from every state of India. Whether you want Kerala’s famous Beef fry or Goa’s prawns peri-peri- you can dive into these authentic delights without ever leaving Delhi. There is Andhra Bhavan, Gujarat Bhavan, Karnataka Sangh, Odisha Nivas and many other canteens from different states. Just google any state Bhavan’s canteen and head there. The cheap and reasonable cost of food makes it worth a visit.

Connaught Place

Famously known as CP in Delhi, Connaught Place has become lively with some of the city’s best bars and restaurants in recent times. From street food shops to fine dining options- this area is worth exploring for all foodies. If you have a sweet tooth, there are great bakeries around for fresh pies and pastries. And don’t forget to enjoy a lively walk among the crowd after a good meal.

International cuisines in New Delhi

If you ever get tired of Indian food, there are a variety of great international options in New Delhi. Head to Khan Market, Defence colony or Hauz Khas where streets are full of numerous International food cafes and restaurants. La Bodega in Khan Market and Bonne Bouche in Defence Colony are two great finds. Smoke House Delhi in Hauz Khas is a great option as well.

Food delivery in New Delhi

Recently, food delivery apps have boomed in India. Try ordering food on Swiggy, Zomato or Uber Eats. These apps offer a list of great restaurants from all across the city. All the places are user rated to help you make a good choice. Plus you get great discounts, so it’s always much cheaper than eating out.

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