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The capital of India, New Delhi, is also the heart of the country. It is one of the major cities of the country that offers wide variety of opportunities as well as attractions worth exploring. The busy and happening city is also an ideal destination for active enthusiasts. If you are planning to move to New Delhi, you will definitely love the city replete with amazing attractions including historical monuments, fortresses, museums, multiplexes, food joints, traditional markets, folk fairs, theatres, etc..

Historical places in New Delhi

There are several places and monuments in New Delhi that have significant and interesting historical relevance. Red Fort is a famous monument that portrays the region's historical legacy. Built in the 17th century, this fort is a relic of the Mughal warriors' power. The fort hosts a war museum including artefacts. Qutub Minar is another incredible building of  Mughal times that signifies early Indo-Islamic architecture. It is one of the earliest, tallest buildings in the world, with intricate carvings and verses from holy Quran. Apart from these monuments, there are several other marvels like Humayun’s Tomb, Lodhi Garden, and Jama Masjid that will amaze you. Some of the museums like the Mahatma Gandhi Museum (a modern art gallery found in an ancient palace) and New Delhi National Museum (which hosts a collection of old stones and archaeological objects, with some at least 5,000 years old) will take you back in time.

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Archaeological excavations have revealed that Delhi was destroyed and rebuilt several times and hence it draws its name as New Delhi.

Religious places in New Delhi

Delhi has an interesting mix of different religious buildings and places of worship. The ever-crowded and busy city can offer peace and tranquillity in the temples including sufi shrines, medieval mosques, Hindu and Jain temples and Sikh Gurudwaras. The Jama Masjid, for instance, is one of the capital city's biggest mosques, located in the Old Delhi. You can also find the Lotus Temple which is a universal center for Baha'i culture, promoting unity of all religions, peace and tolerance.

Shopping in New Delhi

One thing that keeps the inhabitants of Delhi on their toes is the shopping craze. There are several giant shopping malls, market places, folk fairs, etc.. Connaught Place is one of the most famous commercial hubs that offer a wide variety and high quality, luxury shops. In other neighbourhoods, you will find popular markets, like Chandni Chowk, where you can find anything and everything at attractive prices: clothes, textile products, silk, gems, fashion accessories, traditional jewellery, handicraft products, food, spices, etc..

Khan market is an upscale market place that is highly preferred by expats and the diplomatic community. Among other shops, it has bookshops, clothing and furnishing shops, opticians, tailors, florists, liquor shops, etc..

Entertainment in New Delhi

After a long day’s work and busy schedule, you may need some moments of relaxation. You can spend some time in coffee shops, pubs or even restaurants where you will get Indian cuisine. There are several nightclubs in different hotels where you can let loose. There are also many new clubs opening up in several malls. You can also catch up with some movies in different cinemas across the city.

Sports and relaxation

If you are interested in sports or health fitness plans, you will find many options in Delhi. You will easily find sports clubs, gyms, yoga courses and even running tracks all over the city. Further, for a perfectly relaxing experience, you can opt for spas and traditional massages that are available in different neighbourhoods at affordable rates.

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