About Comoros

Comoros is an archipelago of islands located in the Indian Ocean in Southern Africa. There are four main islands: Grande Comore, Moheli, Anjouan, and Mayotte. All the islands, but Mayotte, gained independence from France in 1975. Mayotte voted to stay under French administration and remains so today.

Comoros has a tropical climate, with the warmest months being from January to April and temperatures averaging around 27 °C. The coolest months in Comoros are from July to September, when temperatures drop to 23 °C. From November to May is the rainy season in Comoros, and cyclones are likely during this period.

Despite its turbulent past, Comoros attracts many visitors every year thanks to the beautiful beaches, natural springs, and coral reefs.

The locals are proud of their traditions, and evidence of Malay, French, and African cultures is found throughout Comoros. Life on the islands goes at a slow pace, and whether you're watching the turtles and dolphins at the bay, or meandering through the local market, it's hard not to feel relaxed here.

Lack of natural resources, population growth, underdeveloped infrastructure and transportation links, and vulnerability to natural disasters, all contribute to a hampered economy. Agriculture is the primary source of employment, accounting for about 80% of the labour force. The country is heavily reliant on foreign aid and grants.