Italy makes the green pass compulsory at the workplace

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Published on 2021-09-28 at 10:00 by Francesca
From October 15, 2021, the health pass, also known as the “Green Pass”, will be mandatory for all employees in Italy. This new measure has been unanimously approved by the Council of Ministers. Italy is thus paving the way for the rest of Europe. It is indeed the first European country to make the Green Pass compulsory for all public and private workplaces.

This decree applies to around 23 million people, including private-sector employees, civil servants, and the self-employed. All of them are required to produce their health pass at the workplace.

Suspension for non-health pass holders

As of October 15, all private-sector employees who fail to produce their Green Pass at their workplace risk suspension from the first day and their wages being cut off.

Public sector workers failing to produce their Green Pass at their workplace will be sent home from day one, and their absence will be considered unjustified. If they still do not have a Green pass by the fifth day, they may even be suspended and have their wages cut.

Besides, all workers who fail to produce their green pass when they are at their workplace are liable to a fine of up to 1,500 euros. However, labor relations are preserved for both categories.

At present, the new regulations for the self-employed and remote workers have not yet been clearly defined. In addition, modalities regarding the replacement of suspended employees who do not have a Green Pass are also unclear.

The obligation to be in possession of the health pass at the workplace takes effect from October 15 and will last until December 31, 2021 at first.

Herd immunity in Italy

The Italian authorities aim to achieve herd immunity by stepping up the vaccination campaign among the population. According to a recent statement by General Figliuolo, Italy has already reached the 80% threshold for the first doses of vaccine. The aim is to ensure the complete vaccination of at least 80% of the population in the coming weeks. This means that some 43,200,000 people aged 12 and over will be in possession of a Green Pass.