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Published on 2020-12-02 at 11:29 by Francesca
Silvana left Sicily to travel the world. And after living in London and Barcelona, it is in Ayamonte that the young singer decided to try her luck at her craft. Navigating between jazz, swing, bossa nova, pop and rock, Silvana tells us about her expat life as a singer.

Can you tell us a little about yourself?

I am Silvana Di Liberto, born and raised in Sicily, Italy and I consider myself a citizen of the world. At 21, I decided that I needed to leave my comfort zone and go on an adventure. I left with my soulmate, who is French and whom I had met on a trip to Spain. We first moved to London with the aim of learning English but the city just was not what we were looking for. We, then, headed to Barcelona where we stayed for 14 years before heading to Andalusia.

What prompted you to move abroad?

The desire to study, travel, talk to people from all over the world, learn languages, try food from all over the world countries, in short, open up to new horizons.

Where do you currently live and based on what criteria did you choose this destination?

I live in Ayamonte, the last village in Andalusia right before Portugal.

I chose this place for the climate, the ocean, the colors, the quiet, the pure air and the safety. Logistically it is strategic because it allows me to work between the two countries. Since I moved to this magical place I have completely changed my way of life: my lifestyle is much more relaxed and I have rekindled my connection with nature.

What do you do?

I am a singer. And my specialties are jazz, swing, soul, blues, bossa nova, samba, son and boleros, Italian and French standards passing through pop, rock, reggae, funky and dance music. But when it comes to personal preferences, I only listen to classical music. I am not a fan of commercial music, so I have learnt to twist pop, commercial songs to something that sounds more like me. I sing for the audience and I adapt to what they respond to and resonate with.

I sing in 5 languages, primarily English but also Spanish, French, Italian and Portuguese. I have collaborated with many musicians from all over the world and different groups but now, due to the coronavirus it is impossible to play with a band.

What impact has COVID-19 had on your career?

All my regular commitments have been cancelled and there are hardly any one-off gigs anymore. We do rely mainly on tourists, to be fair and there are none anymore with the pandemic.

Due to this crisis, are you considering changing jobs or staying in your industry exploring alternative channels?

Oh no, for heaven's sake! Due to the economic crisis of 2008, and for other reasons, I was forced to work in a sector that was not mine for 7 long years; luckily I was able to perform live music evenings on weekends. For me, singing comes first, this is how I express myself. I couldn't go a single day without doing something about music. I hope to be like the phoenix rising from its ashes after the crisis.

How is the situation today in Ayamonte and in Andalusia regarding the COVID-19?

In Andalusia, the numbers are increasing. However, throughout the province of Huelva, since the lockdown began, we have had fewer cases than in the rest of Spain.

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