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Investing is one of the best ways to make your money work for you and build long-term wealth. However, knowing the best options for your money can be challenging when living overseas. Connect with our investment advisor and get advised on the best investment options.

Who is the service for?

The service is designed for those who have any of the following

  • Savings in excess of 25,000 GBP / EUR / USD
  • Have an existing investment portfolio, held within the EU or Internationally
  • Ability to save 500 GBP / EUR / USD per month

What is included?

An independent review of your current savings and investments, with an overview of your liability to taxation in your country of residence. Understand how to best protect your savings, maximize interest, and utilize any tax breaks you may be entitled to, for both you and your family. Take peace of mind from a video consultation with a highly qualified adviser, who will quickly examine your affairs and provide a detailed summary of your options.

They specialize in understanding tax-efficient savings and investment structures in your country. Topics included within your free consultation include: offshore savings and investment vehicles, offshore bank accounts, fixed interest bonds, tax efficient savings plans, mutual funds, retirement abroad, and discretionary investment management available for accounts in excess of 250,000 GBP or currency.

What are the potential benefits?

There is nothing to lose from free expat investment advice. In the worst case scenario, the adviser will tell you that you're already in the best position with nothing to improve your current situation. In most cases however, there will be at least one aspect area of advice to enhance your financial situation. The adviser will provide you verbally with the options available to you, thereafter to provide you with written recommendations and provider documents. This report is provided to you free of charge in collaboration with

  • Learn how best to protect your savings and maximise interest in your country of residence
  • Get access to tax efficient savings & investments available to you, onshore and offshore
  • Reduce charges on existing investments
  • Receive expert advice from someone who understands your local tax regime and saving options
  • No obligation report provide summarising your options in black and white

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You can book a free meeting by choosing a convenient day/time for your appointment on the calendar provided below. Our recommended service provider is Holborn Assets, who are an award-winning, cross-border financial planner that specialises in financial planning for our expatriate members worldwide. You are entitled to up to 2 hours of free consultation, courtesy of Please complete the form provided so that Holborn Assets' financial planner can contact you.

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