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My name is David Reschofsky.
I’m a composer, musician, and guitar teacher in Hungary/Budapest. I have been teaching for 20 years.
I have studied for my jazz guitar BA degree in Hungary and graduated from Conservatory in 2011. In 2015 I graduated for my jazz guitar MA degree in the Royal Conservatory in The Hague.

Apart from my family the most important thing in my life is playing and composing music. Discovering the same enthusiasm about music in other people is always a great experience to me and this is the reason why I started to teach music. Playing with someone who is genuinely interested and hardworking gives me great pleasure.

The melodies and rhythm of jazz is my world, but I am also interested in many other genres of music. What I enjoy the most is when I can improvise and share with other musicians and other people.

I teach how to understand, analyze, write, play and perform, improvise, record and edit music.

Throughout my 15 years of learning and teaching music I have worked out my own curriculum using a huge number of scores and teaching materials, and based on my own experience as well as profiting from my best teachers’ expertise. I work with my students from week to week according to the curriculum but also considering their individual interests, music taste and tempo. I think it is important to know of my students’ interests to make the learning experience more enjoyable for them, e.g., if someone is into rock or the grooves, I teach them through these styles and songs.

We are all different and I teach all of my students in different ways which is also very exciting for me. That is why I never get bored of teaching. New students come and join in this atmosphere of teaching. I like to emphasize the importance of theoretical skills in learning music. For a musical experience becomes complete when we not only hear or play it, but when we understand what we hear or play.

I say you can learn for instance a poem in a language you don’t speak but if you don’t know what the meaning of the poem is, it stays just letters and words. But if you know what is it about, that gives you the real enjoyment. That is exactly how I also think of music and teaching.

Since my way is jazz, which gives us the wonderful experience of improvisation, I try to include it also in my lessons. It gives you not only freedom. Jazz is also about composing music. Whatever the level is, I always aim at not simply teaching to play a musical instrument, but playing MUSIC. Consequently, next to teaching the unavoidable technical skills, e.g. scales, chords, arpeggios, etc. (depends on the level and interests) I put great emphasis on creative work. This means that besides analyzing and learning the songs and solos of other bands and composers, my advanced students also compose their own songs or melodies, first with my help, then alone. Learning music is also about the joy of simply playing together. I think this is the aim if someone is learning to play any musical instrument and to learn how to express their thoughts and feelings without words, only on their instrument.

In my home I have all types of guitars so you don’t need to bring your own instrument if you don’t want to, you can play on one of my guitars during the lesson. It is always an option.

If you need I also can help you to buy a guitar.

We have some options to buy one from around 50 euros. And the limit is only the sky. In the first lesson I can show you all types of guitars and we can choose which is the perfect for you. Most of the time the nylon string acoustic guitar is the best as a first instrument because it is easier to play than the metal string one.

Usually I ask the new students (the level doesn’t matter) to send me a short list of their favorite songs. I like to know what their music taste is like. These can be easy songs and more advanced ones as well. Actually the best is if the actual song has a little bit higher level than the student’s. Otherwise there is no motivation and no development.

Group lessons:

I have only groups of two students. I think it doesn’t make any sense to learn in a bigger group. I say that because I have a big experience with group lessons.

If two students have the same level for instance – let’s say they are beginners – and they start at the same time it works well. Three, four or more people is too much.
The teacher can not pay attention to all the students and everyone has different capacity, level and music taste.

Trial lesson

We can spend some time getting to know each other and you can tell me what you would like to learn. I will explain how I can help you and what you can expect from me. You also will see my teaching method.

For the advanced beginners or the advanced players it is also possible to have private lessons via Skype.
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