Can I believe this lady?

John hasn't posted anything in three years yet the thread goes on. But what about John? Once happily in love with a girl he hardly knew and now he's MIA. How can people casually converse at a time like this? John has gone missing in some Cambodian farming village and no one seems to care.

Even though this is a very old post - in case someone  is in a similar situation - here is my response!

I do wish I knew how  things turned our for John - as an example of what not to do - immediately fall for someone you know nothing about and who immediately has problems that can't be verified.


I think you should cut your hurt feelings and count your blessings she hasn't totally stolen everything she could from you yet.  Liars ALWAYS have excuses for everything.  You are too old and it sounds like established financially to put up with this shit.

As everyone here has told you - move the freak on!

Everyone has been stupid at different times in their lives (I am no exception) but you are too old to get royally screwed, scammed, and cheated for someone you have NO idea about.

Since you are not fluent in Khmer, you will have almost no chance to really learn about her - who are you going to ask - a moto driver?  Possibly, her BF who pretends to be her brother?  These are words that I say with respect and concern - even though they may be judged as harsh!

I do wish you the best - but move on!

As a rule of thumb when meeting girls in developing countries or south east Asia etc; ask yourself: Where did she learn such good English ? Answer; on a tourist's hotel bed.

Now these girls are attracted to the money that can be made overseas in the sex industry; it starts with Thailand, then Korea, Singapore and maybe even Japan. 

These girls are also constantly online chatting up several BF met here on vacation and asking them for money; sick mom, motorbike accident, rent etc.  They also use every sort of social messaging App out there - Insta, FB, Skype, LINE etc etc.

Within their limited framework of morality - You came all the way here to exploit their sexual favors; therefore its ok for them to exploit your emotions for money.  Its fair game. 

My advice when meeting such girls abroad is to enjoy the moment, take her with you for a few days if you're traveling the country ( avoid visiting her village and parents ) and leave it all there the minute you meet someone else or board the plane.  And DO NOT give them your contacts abroad.  Toss your local sim card with all its contents at the airport trash bin, where it belongs.

Will not mention the name of the country I was in once, but just about every ones mother required expensive medical treatment of some sort, this one never seems to go out of fashion

Hello John,

It is extremely unusual (in 11 years, I've never heard of a Cambodian going to Hong Kong for treatment). I don't know what her financial situation is; you didn't say what was wrong with her mother - the cost of treatment for anything in Hong Kong is akin to the costs in Singapore. If she isn't well off, she has no chance .......... and why go to Hong Kong?

If it's a very serious illness and she has a passport, it's usual to go to Bangkok or Ho Chi Min.

I think you've answered your own question. Nope, you can't trust her; I guess she might get in touch with you again though; keep you simmering just in case she needs you .......... maybe?

Best wishes, hope this helps to clear your confusion. I wouldn't trust her for one minute.


Yes, I think that one is on page 3 of the 'how to rip off a Barang' script. 


he is john cena

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