Need an attorney (Abagado) in Paraguay to handle citizenship process.

I'm not going to make any comment about what is said on any other forum. I stand fully prepared to be corrected, but I believe anyone offering a 3 day service is a tout looking to suck people in to going with their chosen lawyer, who will start making excuses as soon as the money is paid.

Every comment about times frames and offices closing early is based on what happened to me personally, not what I read.

I stand by my comments, 5 working days if all the planets align and 6-8 working days if they don't, and reality cuts in.  6 days is relatively easy to achieve, with an extra 2 for contingencies, or if less than breakneck speed is desired.

Here is a 7 day schedule I did for a friend (May 2013) to use without a lawyer.  It is reasonably relaxed and includes a mixture of private and public medical checks.  It does not include the double legalization of the Interpol and Residency certificates, because I only required that for my cedula. The rules may have changed and Migracciones may now require them, or it may be just a cedula thing, I don't know. Using a lawyer, or more specifically, their driver, who can do some running around dropping stuff off and picking stuff up, will speed things up, but other things like test results and some certificates just take time.

Day 1   
        Pick up checklist of up-to-date requirements
Ministerio de Salud
    pick up health adjudication form
    pick up list of health tests required
    make appointment for psych exam
    Declaration stating that you agree to abide by the laws of Paraguay.
    Certify 8 copies of passport ID page
    Certify 4 copies passport Visa and Entry page
    Certify 1 copy of Birth, Marriage, Police Certificates
    Drop off Certified copies of Passport, Birth, Marriage, Police Certificates
        6 x passport photos taken if required
    Submit application
Your Hotel    
        Obtain letter of residency
        Obtain details of 2 native Paraguayos, Name, DNI, phone who are willing to tell the police you are known to them and reside where you say you do.
Day 2   
Ministerio de Salud
    Blood test
Ministerio de Relacciones exteriores
    Drop off Passport to have Visa authenticated (if required)
    Drop off Original Birth, Marriage, Police Certificates
Medical Clinic
    ECG - private option
Ministerio de Relacciones exteriores (afternoon)
    Pick up passport
         Dermatological Examination (private option)
Day 3   
Ministerio de Salud
    Certification of Private Doctors ID stamps
    Psychological Examination
    Yellow Fever Vaccination - if required
Ministerio de Relacciones exteriores
    Pick up Legalized documents
    Pick up translations
Ministerio de Salud (Afternoon)
        Pick up certified private doctors certificates
Day 4   
    Pick up documents
    Copy and certify Interpol certificate
Identificacciones - Policia Nacional
    National Police Check
Day 5   
Ministerio de salud
    Pick up blood test results
Local Police Station
    Life and residence certificate
Medico Clinico - Colon y Humaita
    Adjudication of medical results
Day 6
Ministerio de Salud
    Submit docs for Health Certificate
Nacional Banco de Formento (left to last in case of terminal problem)
    Deposit ($5000.00 USD) or equivalent
Ministerio de Salud (afternoon)
    Pick up Health Certificate
    Submit Health Certificate for verification stamp
    Obtain 2 copies of all documents and have certified
    Obtain Limited Power of Attorney so your lawyer can deal with Migracciones on your behalf
Day 7   
Ministerio de Salud
    Pick up verified Health Certificate
    authenticate 2 copies of verified Health Certificate
Migracciones (open 0730 - 1430)
    Submit Application

Hey Gabtar  can you please givme the lawyer's name?
Thank u:)

I am a businessman from South Asia aged 32 years. Sir i am interested in Paraguay immigration if you could please send me the complete package and guideline about it soon will be appreciated as i have plans to visit Paraguay next month thanks.
I hope to hear from you soon.

Kind Regards


Cell phones; 0981495424 -/- 0961927629

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Finestra group is run by Jeronimo is that right?

Yep is rigth...

I'd love to get a recommendation for another lawyer who can help with the PR process in Paraguay too.


Mr. Edwin Setrini, I have tried to get in touch with Jeronimo Finestra, but go no reply. Is he still handling PR process? Please let me know. Thank you in advance.

Dear all,

this is Basharat from pakistan islamabad related to transport business here in the capital city,,

i want to get a second citizenship after a long research on internet i found that paraguay is best as short time and investment for the process to get second passport ,,,

can anyone send me a contact of any lawyer who can help me to do that,


"the best" ?
i doubt

Hi tom please could you please give the address and fone number of that lawyer who help you for the residence and cedula for Paraguay
On email-emokhan2004[at]

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I would like to share my own experience with Jeronimo Finestra (Finestra Group):

I would never recommend Jeronimo Finestra , as he is not responsive at all , he advised me to get some documents for the sake of Paraguayan cedula and citizenship as I was very interested in that , and then after I obtained the documents requested by himself , and that costed me around $1200 to abtain the requested documents from my home country , he stopped responding to my emails despite I sent him scanned copies of the documents many times (8 emails ) , and called him by phone for 5 times but with no valuable results!

Despite I might suppose that he was unable to responed to my emails as he promised me many times over the telephone due to some personal issues of his own , he even did not forward my case to his partner Edwin after I had afford that cost !

This person is not responsive,  please be aware before you deal with him .

Finestra still working and usually attend the program, insist on communicating or I can put you in touch with him.

Dear Basharat

i will recommend you for china or Russia, and if in this regard you need my help i wll feel pleasure.

Rahat Anwar

Edwin send your what's app number or email so I can contact you

Yes, I know this is an old topic but responses from three years ago are not relevant to 2016-17 [no disrespect intended] so I will ask for any new info here.   I'm seriously considering full move back to South America from Asia where I've been working.  I have no contacts in Paraguay but my research for my next life step points strongly to considering Paraguay and thus I'd like to find at least two legal/immigration professionals with whom I could explore acquiring residency so that I have live and start a new small business there as soon as Feb. 2107.   Legal residency is important to me.

Please understand that I understand the effort as I am not new to living in LatAm.

Please PM any replies are appreciated.  Commercial contacts are ok.

if someone can refer a reliable, trusted and RESPONSIVE lawyer to handle the PY Residency Process?

green_vineleaf :

Dear Basharat

i will recommend you for china or Russia, and if in this regard you need my help i wll feel pleasure.

Rahat Anwar

Rahat Anwar, can you explain China or Russia Program in detail for Pakistani Passport holder?

I've seen a lot of recommendation on that attorney.

May I ask how long did the process take you and around how much would it be costing.

Sir i am premoose alexander i saw your review, this is very usefull, i am indian nationality now working in sultanate of oman, i would like to relocate to any peacefull and developed south american country. I hope this is my right decision,

If you are from India then I think you will like Paraguay. Also, I think you will like Jeronimo Finestra. He is a good attorney, and you can tell him I say Hello. He is a little bit thin-skinned and sensitive for an attorney, and you can tell him I said that too.

Good luck in your quest for a home.

How much did you have to pay to get permanent residency? Including the lawyers fee. Please give the total as in everything you had to spend for the entire process.

I agree with this post as *** has guys on the Paraguay Expat Facebook page where they approach new members and promote her name. I have been recommended to speak with *** by a stranger on the FB page who approached me without posting or asking for any help. He then gave me her number and they asked for 4,000 usd and for me to send the papers only for the process speak. Then I foundout that Paraguay does not have an embassy in Malaysia therefore I will have to ask my lawyer to send me a preaproved visa from PY to travel with as advised by the PY embassy in India and guess what!! Alice ***disappeared and never responded to my many WhatsApp messages. Here is her number ***

Can anyone advise of how to get this visa?

Leave a mesegge in my inbox can I help you with thats Alice Wich...

It's the process of obtaining the permanent resident permit. Citizenship only after 3 years, take care with this. ***

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