Looking for a job in rabat !!!!

Im looking for a job in rabat, i speak fluent english and spanish. im looking to start straight away. if anybody knows of anything going.

What is your nationalité? I may assist you but not in Rabat

I am english, i can travel if needs be. i am having trouble finding a job that doesnt require french, even though i am studying french at the moment.

Creo que puedes trabajar en Amideast como profesora de ingles :)

If you're interested in teaching, then Rabat American School might have vacancies at the moment. There's also the British council there. If you are considering other cities, then Casablanca has alot more opportunities for English speaking people. For example I work for the [English-speaking job] group who have 2 call centers located here in Casablanca. If you require further help please let me know as I'll be more than happy to help you.


Could anyone help?
i am searching for a job too

I am looking to move to Marrakech and find a job, any at the moment, so i can pay for a small flat/apartment, whilst im living there. I speak only English.

I am a British Citizen and i have previously been to Morocco twice now, and i liked it so much there, that i wish to live and work there now, preferably in Marrakech.

I would take on any job (although being a graduate) just so i can rent one small cheap flat/apartment, and pay the utility bills. If someone could adivce me how i can find a suitable job,anything for the time being, and how to live in Marrakech, rent one cheap flat etc i would be most grateful.

Amideast may have some open positions for English Instructors in their country office in Rabat.  Check out their website:

The job is part-time (approximately 90hrs a month), but the pay allows you to live reasonably well.

Good luck,

hi EnRabat
Canadian daycare ( is looking for english teacher... you can call them... I'm working there...

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hi im joana from philippines i want to work in morocco is there any site where i can check for job vacancies ????

Hi Joana,

You should post an advert in the Morocco classifieds. It might hlep you.

Hi all,

I can try helping you finding a job in an American (multinational) company in CASABLANCA. Not only English speakers but also for example Spanish, Dutch, German or Italian! Check out this link:

If you have questions then please do not hesitate and PM me. :)

Have a nice evening!

Hi arabische,

Once again, you could put some information on the forum so that other members can benefit from it.  Thank you.

Hello everyone,
I am moving back to Morocco within next 2 month. I am fluent in English and Arabic, and I am looking for job so i can start soon as I get there.
Thank u

joanahabchane :

hi im joana from philippines i want to work in morocco is there any site where i can check for job vacancies ????

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Marrakech has over 600 hotels,
You may possibly find a job in one which mainly caters for English speakers.

Also from Birmingham England strangely enough..

good luck in your research

     My name is Maria. I am 27 years old. I'm looking for a job in Morocco in the tourism and hotel service. I live in Moscow, but would like to work in a city in Morocco.I finished in Moscow Institute of Finance and Law University in Organizational Management. I have experience in the service reception, I have experience working at the front desk, confident PC user working in the program 1C, familiar with the systems used in international hotels, such as: Opera and Fidelio.
      Speak English: good level of reading and writing, rather freely communicate on everyday topics. Learn French and Moroccan dialect. I lived in Agadir. I was in Rabat. I was impressed with Morocco at first sight, I love this country and its customs, so I would like to work in Marocco.
              If you could offer me a job in your hotel or advise where I can apply for the job, I would be delighted, and the Endless thanks you.

                                                                             Sincerely, Maria

Granted maybe some are shown twice but there are a lot of hotels in and around Marrakech.

Travel republic is a uk travel company.
I've been to Marrakech two times and there is definitely more then 20-30 hotels.

Even trip advisor lists 435 hotels.

Lol. They are real reputable websites.

I don't think you have seen all of Marrakech and surrounding areas.

Yes, i did eat fish in Marocco and i in delighted) Marocco is really beautiful country

I think they count apartments also... there are a lot you can rent for one day...

There might be some truth to that. There are so many RIADS that are used as small hotels.

I have been looking for work in Morocco for quite some time.  I stumbled across your post on this site and was hoping you could help.  I see that you work for I work for an internet company as well.  I have various responsibilities and am certain that my skills would be a perfect fit for  My fiance is from Rabat, and we are eager to move to Morocco.  Is there any way you could help me with a job at your company?  Is there any advice you can give me?

Any help at all would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks so much,

Hello Michelle -> You should post an advert in the Jobs in Morocco section. It might help. :)

Thank you,

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i am just looking for a vacancy in order not to get humdrum in summer .

Any tips how to get a job around rabat ?

I am looking for job in Rabat Morocco, I flee from political persecution in my country Sierra Leone, I lost my educational documents, but I can work in any company that will allow me to work with.
I have an experience in child care implementation and I have founded my own self reliance project on child care activities back home.

hey I am Asim ul hassan Pakistani National working in Saudi Arabia,
i want to work in morocco if you have any suitable job you can tell me please it will be so helpful for me

The libyan school of rabat is looking for english and math teachers . … 6.8454108.

agdal , avenue de france  .6 .

@ hamza 99 > To whom are you talking to please?



I am looking for a job in Rabat or Cassablanca. I have visited Morocco
many times and would love to find job there, maybe teaching English. Can anyone help

Hi Kel83 and welcome on board  :)

Posting a detailed advert in the Jobs in Rabat section of the website could get you an opportunity.

All the best,

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