Opening up a beauty salon in Rabat!

Hello Everyone,

I'm a beauty enthusiaste who's life long dream is to open up a beauty salon in Morocco (I am Moroccan but live in the UK)

I currently hold a law degree from the UK and I was hoping someone can share their knowledge with me in regards of starting a business in morocco (Laws, permits, hurdles, things to consider)

The financial aspect of the business is not an issue.

I look forward to hearing from you all!


Hi Ravvana,

Depending on the city you are targeting, Administrative processes take a bit longer than the UK... But you should be fine. The most challenging thing is to find the right spot for your business and find people qualified to work with you.

If you have it on the go and are opening in Rabat, kenitra or M'diq I am looking for work. I am married to s Moroccan man and I am moving there from Canada. I have been in the industry for 23 years now I am also s nail tec. Right now I am currently in Canada working at a salon  and I am also an embasador for sexy hair products. So I am well educated. I have manager experience along with computer skills and I am up for any challenge. Please keep me in mind. Thanks!

Dear Ravana,

If you want to open Beauty Salon, you must connect to be right person and must have good professionals in this line.  According to my experience open the Salon and other business no problem this is paper work. The most important think to choose location in Rabat and I believe should  be open near upper middle and higher class community area and any business must have patience at least two years. if you need any suggestion please contact +966-532863153 my name is Mohammad Shahid , Nationality Indian. Best regards Allah hafiz

Dear Ravvana,

I hope my message finds you well,

I'm a Lebanese currently living in UAE & im planning to move to Morocco ,I'm currently looking for a partnership deal in an existing business or a new business in Morocco , I'm interested in offering a partnership deal in your project, I'm willing to invest my experience & money in such a project ,

Please let me know if your open for such an offer,

Best Regards,

Hey - I am looking to move there myself and interested in a business venture. Lets talk!

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