i looking for housekeeper job

Hello! I need housekeeper job in Rabbat, i speak english i want to learn arabic language and interest islam . Money is not important only need for staying. Thank you for every helpful answeres! Zsuzsanna Appel

Hi ZsuzsannaAppel,

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Could you please submit your advert under the appropriate section of the website :
- Job in Rabat

Feel free to provide as much details as you can regarding your skils and experience.

Good luck


Thank you so much, i regist on job seeking companies. i want to introduse myself to family without agency. Thanks, Zsuzsanna

bonjour ,
je vient de lire votre demande
envoyer moi votre numéro de GSM

Thank you Chris! I see it. Zsuzsanna

Hi everyone,

@enni, please note this an english speaking forum. So could you please post in english only so that everyone can understand your comments.

Thank you


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